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Review : Silkapple Taiwan - Online Beauty Retailer

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I know we are in the 2nd week of the New Year but it's not going to stop me from wishing you guys,

If you have noticed, my blog seemed quiet after New Year is because I am currently in the midst of my finals now. My last paper is on the 16th January 204. Two more papers to go. Wish me luck.

A few weeks ago, I was approached by Silkapple to review products from their website.
Boy, it felt like Christmas! :)

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Love how my products are bubble-wrapped individually!
Parcel was shipped out on the 30th December 2013.
Parcel arrived in Malaysia and was released on the 1st January 2014 and  I received it on the 2nd January 2014.

I love how every product is individually wrapped.
All products comes with this "seal" to ensure its has not been tampered.

Silkapple is a brand new and upcoming online beauty retailer from Taiwan providing beauty and skincare products and currently houses four brands from Taiwan which are Reacheer, Ferrmina, Angel En Provence and Echisse.  They do ship products to Malaysia and accepts payment from all Malaysian banks.

A few weeks ago, Lin from Silkapple emailed me with the request to review their products available on their website and was given the opportunity to select any product I would like to review. So below are the products I have selected and given (as some items were out of stock due to Christmas season).

Please click on the link beneath each picture to redirect you to its individual posts.
I had to review each product individually as there are just too many pictures!

Ferrmina Eyeshadow in Urban Jungle
Reacheer Eyeshadow in GY01 and Reacheer Eyeshadow in BK01
Reacheer Easy-Hand-Painted Eyeliner in Black
Reacheer Slim Mascara Lash
Reacheer Herbal Selaginellae Hydrating Reparing Mask
Reacheer Camellia Whitening & Purifying Protective Cream
Ferrmina Glacier Deep Cleansing Mud
I have been using these products for the past 7 days.
These are reasons why I am falling in love with Silkapple :
  1. Friendly services.
  2. Fast delivery (No kidding)
  3. Product are bubble-wraped individually.
    (All items arrived in excellent condition especially my eyeshadows)
  4. Products are individually sealed in plastic.
  5. Each product has a "seal fresh" to ensure it has not been tampered with. 
  6. Products received are fresh/brand new, not approaching expiration date/expired. 
I highlighted Item 4, 5 & 6 is to emphasize the importance of these 'little things' for me as a customer as it gives that sense of security and confidence in the retailer especially when it comes to purchasing online as I am not physically there to select and check the products myself.

Personally, I love being able to test out new products and brands as this industry has so much to offer. Without a doubt, every women wants to look and feel their best outwardly and I shall not go on about inner beauty. Let's not take the limelight from Silkapple, shall we?

Besides that, consumers have the right to try, expand, and decide on new products/brands which will benefit them the most and not compromise their beauty care to monopolised market/beauty houses. I think it's good to have some competition. So Silkapple, you have the stage. Go on and Shine!

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Without a doubt I would shop at Silkapple whenever my products runs out or my itchy fingers wants to try out new products. Well, I sincerely hope that my reviews have helped you in some way to make the right/best choice for in your future purchases.

Thank you for reading!

Sarah :) 

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