Friday, 10 January 2014

Review/First Impression : Reacheer Herbal Selaginellae Hydrating Repairing Mask

Truth to be told, I am not much of a skincare person eventhough I do not have the perfect skin. My skin used to better that I needed only concealer to hide pesky pimples and dark circles. But ever since I entered university - the late nights, stress, food intake, lifestyle has took its toll on my skin and it went spiralling down ever since. 

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Information and pictures obtained from Silkapple

About Reacheer
Please excuse the English. It was google translated when I loaded it.
Sorry girls, I can't provide accurate translation as I don't know how to read Chinese.
Description and guide to using the product in English.
Ingredients in Chinese. (Again, I don't know how to read Chinese)
Expiry date is in 2018! Talk about FRESHNESS.

A super sturdy air-tight lock to keep the product fresh and last longer.
Great skin, here I come! (OTW)
Let me fill you in on the background of my skin. I had oily skin ever since I hit puberty and I was sure I wasn't a sight for sore eyes back then. I had full-blown acne back in Form 2 till my mom had to bring me to the doctor to get some steriods to lessen the acne/quicken the healing process. The doctor sure gave some awesome cream because it cleared up within weeks to months. 

Fast forward, a beautician told me that my skin was dehydrated and that my friend, has got me confuzzled (confused + puzzled). My skin was dehyrated within but on the outside, it is "bring over the frying pan woman!" - superbly oily yet there are some parts are flaky. Amazing isn't it? The sensitivity and complexity of our epidermis. 

So, below is a collage of my current skin condition and IT AIN'T PRETTY. Whiteheads, blackheads, pimples, broken capillaries, dull skin (edited by brightening it a little as my room light was dim), pimple/acne scars, potholes and the list goes on. The cute emoticons below sums up what I feel about my skin. 

Here I am at my first tryout with this face mask.
I was actually looking for a sleep-in mask or a night cream to help improve my skin condition and I had to actually read the instructions a few times before the fact that this was a wash-off mask sinked in. I was blur and tired at that moment alright, so cut me some slack. Lol. 

Details : 
  • Price : RM107.00
  • Availability : Silkapple
  • Not limited edition. 
Review :

  • The scent is not pungent (I have sinus, I would tell you if its unbearable) 
  • The packaging is - one word - awesome. Air-tight snap lid, sturdy and overall it really feels and looks luxurious. Heck, it should as its RM107! 
  • Easy to apply.
  • After washing it off, my skin does feel softer (like a baby's bottom!) and smoother (a little). 
  • I used it only once, so I cannot tell or claim whether it does what it claims. Will update here after a few more rounds.
  • Food for thought : Please understand that the results varies from individuals. You will have to take into account your food and water intake, lifestyle (sleep late, don't exercise/exercise), stress levels and so much more. So don't expect it to do miracles to your skin if you do late nights and eat junk food.
  • Does not come with a spatula. 
  • Bulky packaging. Not travel friendly for sure. 
  • Important information such as the ingredients are imprinted in a foreign language. 
Will I repurchase it? Will update here soon. 

Who will love it?
  • Anyone who is looking for a hydrating mask. 
  • Anyone who loves to try out new skincare. 
Who will hate it?
  • Hygienic freaks. (Use fingers to dip in a big tub)
  • Someone who is not into face masks. 
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So what do you think? 
Will you give it a try?

Thank you for reading!

Sarah :) 


  1. Thanks for the visit Sarah~ :) Looks like this mask work pretty fine for you and glad that your skin get better along the days~ It even contains Ginseng and Gingko! WOW~~ it'll definitely be better if it were a sleep-in mask cz I'm a lazy person :P

    1. Hi Alicia,

      Not a problem at all, always on the lookout for new blogs and people to add on my bloglist :)
      Ah, you have just pointed out two ingredients that I am not so familiar with. Gotta go google them up and see what 'magic' they contain.

      Yea, I'd totally agree with you abou it being a sleeping mask. I'm lazy that way too :P