Friday, 8 November 2013

Review : Daiso Japan Floral Blossom Nail Polish in Lavender

Hola girls! 

Today, I will be reviewing a little gem I found from Daiso.
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Nail polishes are like accessories.You wear 'em, match 'em, flaunt 'em and it can make one feel fabulous/cute/girly/flirty/sexy with just a simple change of colour on both 20 nails! Today, I will be sharing with you something that is worth sharing - if not, I won't be blogging about it :P 

I stumbled on this little gem at Daiso Japan outlet in One Utama. It was located on the same row as the cashier with a dedicated display rack where all of these individually packed nail polish are arranged according to its respective colours. The colours ranges from pastels to soft solid colours. (I forgot to take a picture of it, *facepalm*)

Daiso Japan Fancy Bloom Nail Color in Lavender was the first colour I picked out of the lot. I was tempted to get more colours but I wasn't sure how was the texture or whether its worth parting my RM5. Boy, I was glad I gotten it. I tried it, loved it and I collected few more colors - Cotton (Pastel White), Peach (Pastel Peach Pink) and Maple (Peach Red with gold).

The brush. Nothing to shout about. It's usable.
One coat of nail polish.
Two coats of nail polish.
How the colour looks with my skintone. Doesn't look to weird, I think. What do you think?
Upclose shot. Please excuse the random wine-coloured nail.
The pictures was taken at random since I was testing the colour out. 
Overall Experience

Application : The texture of the nail polish was not too thick nor it was too diluted. Just nice, two coats should do the trick.

Longevity : Without a base or topcoat, the nail polish began chipping after 2-3 days of application. I'd consider that as good because as a student my hands goes through heavy duty work throughout the day.

Brush : It's OK. Nothing to shout about and nothing to condemn either since it serves its purpose fairly well.

Packaging : IT LOOKS SO PRETTY! I feel all-so-girly by just holding it! I love how they made it look very collectable with the plastic gemstones at the tip of the bottle. The design of the bottle looks like a magic potion bottle that are usally illustrated in fairytale stories/shows.

Pricing : Its RM5 a bottle. Hmm, seems legit. Elianto's nail polishes are RM6 each for the basic colours.

Rating : B+

So, what do you think about this colour? Would you get one for yourself to try?
I shall update the other colours I have in my collection here :)

Thank you for reading!

Sarah <3


  1. Never heard of this brand - asian makeup isn't available in the UK really x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

    1. Hi Heather!

      Beautiful name btw, my mom almost picked it as her Christian name :)
      But decided not too as not many could pronounce a beautiful name like that properly in Malaysia. Haha!

      Yea this brand is from Japan and they sell various stuffs ranging from household items to personal care.
      Most items are priced at RM5!

      There are brands in the UK that I would love to try as its not available in Malaysia.

      Anyway thanks for sending love from the UK!

      Cheers ;)

  2. I know my comment will be so 2000 and late but I FINALLY GOT THIS! Okay, gonna try it out soon, ngehehehe