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Review : Sigma Flat Kabuki F80, Zoeva 104 Buffer, Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

Hello ladies! 

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Today, I will be reviewing three foundation brushes that are highly raged in the make up community blogsphere Zoeva 104 Buffer is fairly famous in Europe and it has made its way here in Asia - thanks to Luxola!

Okay, lets talk about the density of the brushes. As you can see the pictures below, Sigma Flat Kabuki F80's bristles packs a punch. I'd let the pictures do the talking.

1. Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

I'm really not sure about the hype of this brush but when I first received it, I personally felt that the bristles were not soft. It felt a little rough and grainy when I applied using powder foundation (ZA Perfect Fit Two-Way foundation), BB cream and liquid foundations. It works best for buffing in powder formula products rather than liquid products. It 'eats' up my BB cream or liquid foundation whenever I use it. So much wastage.

Based on my experience using this brush, it doesn't live up to the expectations raved or set by bloggers or other users. Maybe I received a defective brush or maybe it just comes to show that "one man's meat is another man's poison" - sound so serious there. But really, there's no WOW factor that keeps me coming back to the brush. Unfortunately, it sits in my pouch (alongside with other unloved brushes) and it has come to a point that I forgot I had this brush. 

*UPDATE* - Real Techniques is now available in Luxola!

Price : RM78.00 (SHINS outlets), RM50 - RM60 (Online beauty retailers) 
Availability : Not easily available, if it is - its expensive.
Limited Edition : No.

  • Lightweight. 
  • Travel friendly. 
  • Dries fairly quickly after washing/cleaning. 
  • Flat bottom 
  • Difficult to store it with other brushes. 
  • Hard, stiff bristles.

2. Sigma Flat Kabuki F80

Consistenty is this brush's middle name. Ever since I stumbled across this brand innocently online, I never looked back. So far, all the brush I own is unable to match the performance of Sigma Flat Kabuki F80. If you are looking for an even and medium-full coverage using liquid or powder foundation, look no further. It's jammed pack bristles helps even and smoothen out the foundation without absorbing too much. Despite its packed bristles, it does not irritate my skin as the bristles is not harsh nor hard. It's soft yet gently firm. 

I love using this brush with most of my foundations, but there is one foundation in particular that requires more effort to blend which is Revlon Colourstay 24 Hour Foundation for Combination/Oily skin. The both of them work beautifully together. So far, this brush works well with most formulas such as powder, liquid, mousse, or creme. I love it to bits, and have already bought a back-up as my faithful Sigma Flat Kabuki F80 has served me well for the past 3 - 4 years.  

Price : RM60 - RM70 (Online beauty retailers), RM74.50 (Luxola)
Availability : Luxola and other online beauty retailers.
Limited Edition : No.

  • Thick and compact bristles but still soft and gentle to the skin
  • Does not waste product by absorbing it
  • Long-lasting if taken care
  • Takes a longer time to dry if compared to other brushes. 
  • Pricey for students but it is worth it. 

3. Zoeva 104 Buffer

Zoeva is a German brand founded in 2008 by the owner of Zoe Boikou. The brand name Zoeva consists of ZOE, the Greek word for "life" and EVA, the first woman. I was not aware of the brand till Luxola brought it in. Truth to be told, I was estatic when I first saw Zoeva brushes on Luxola. The prices are slightly more affordable compared to Sigma and its competitive in terms of pricing if compared with Real Techniques. 

This is an older version of Zoeva 104 Buffer which I did not hit off with the brush as I found the bristles a little too long for my liking, making it difficult to control and apply my foundation. The design of the bristle, I would say, its faulty because it did not work well with liquid foundations or BB creams at all. Unfortunately, it leaves streaky marks on my face if I were to use it with a liquid product. I could only make it work with a powder foundation or use it as a setting brush. 

Below is the newer version of Zoeva 104 Buffer which resembles alot like Sigma Flat Kabuki F80. Based on the picture, the new design has shorter and compact bristles compared to its previous design. Quite disappointed with this purchase because of the revamped design, and now I am left with a brush with limited application functionality. 

Price : RM57.50 (Luxola)
Availability : Luxola only (for Malaysia).
Limited Edition : No.

  • Long bristles gives a softer finish
  • Long-lasting if taken care
  • Bristles are too long for a buffer
  • Does not buff product properly onto the face 
  • Wastes products by absorbing it 
Thank you for reading!

Sarah :)

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