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Review : Maybelline Hypersharp Laser Precision in Soft Black

Looking for an eyeliner that gives you complete control and easy to draw? 
Say hello to 
"Maybelline Hypersharp Laser Precision!"

Liquid eyeliners are no strangers to the makeup world. It is a staple in every makeup junkie's collection. Using liquid eyeliners can be quite a challenge for newbies who are learning to draw, what more a straight line. A very well drawn eye is when the eyeliner is drawn very close to the lashline. That is quite difficult to achieve and with that I am no exception. My very first eyeliner was a pencil eyeliner from Silkygirl. Fact: I only started using liquid eyeliners when I started university. 

With Maybelline's new offer, drawing close to the lashline is achievable. It's first in Malaysia 0.01mm eyeliner tip makes it easier for anyone who maybe occasional, unskilled, or forced to put make-up on to achieve any look they desire which means you can draw your true self  with ultra precision like never before! Hence, for people with experience, this eyeliner is easy peasy to work with.  

My very first liquid eyeliner was Maybelline's Eye Studio Hypersharp Liner. Woohoo! So I am honoured to be selected to test out Maybelline Malaysia recently launched new liquid eyeliner which claims to have the first 0.01mm eyeliner tip in Malaysia, Maybelline Hypersharp Laser Precision. 

Please excuse the blur picture.
I have only my handphone camera at the moment to take pictures.
As you can see the picture above, the eyeliner tip is so fine that I am able to line my eyes close to my lashline. I must say that even with the tip being super fine (pun intended), it is not filmsy nor too stiff which can cause irritation to the eye. Maybelline, you got it right!

What is a lashline? The lashline refers to the line where your eyelashes gather. It is between your eyelids and eyeballs. If you were to look into the mirror, you can see there are tiny spaces between your lashes. To achieve an illusion of a bigger eye with 'natural' application, you have to draw the eyeliner as close as possible to the lashline or draw in the tiny spaces between your lashes. 

The lashline as shown with the purple dots.
Picture credit to bunbunmakeuptips
See the difference an eyeliner can do for your eyes?
An eyeliner helps 'frames' and adds 'definition' to your eyes.
First try out
Second try out

A good eyeliner helps frame your eyes, giving it definition so that your eyes won't look 'lost' especially when you have applied powder or foundation that can make your face look flat. 

Besides it being mechanically well-developed, let's talk about its performance and claims. Maybelline claims that their new Maybelline Hypersharp Laser Precision is:
  • 24-Hour Smudgeproof 
  • Waterproof
  • Easy removal
  • No stain formula 

My Verdict

I have to make it clear that I have a superbly oily skin which leaves my eyelids no exception. I have not used it without an eye primer/base before but will test that out and update here soon. The combination of Asian eyes, hooded eyelids, and humid weather makes it a challenge for girls like me to find an eyeliner that does not smudge. Nope, a smudgy eyeliner is ain't pretty.

Pic credit : Google
After using it from 10am till 12am, I can say it is smudgeproof as I did not end up looking like a panda or like Mulan's tutor at the end of the day. 

Waterproof? I have not tested in a waterpark yet.. But I can say it does not trickle or smear terribly if you were to tear up. Believe me as tear easily because sometimes I can break into a fit of laughter till I tear a lot. Even with that, my eyeliner is still intact but not as dark when first applied. 

Another essential characteristic a good eyeliner must have is - it is easy to remove which Maybelline Hypersharp Laser Precision posseses. Last but not least, this is my biggest peeve with liquid eyeliners - staining. Most liquid eyeliners I have come across tends to leave a blue-ish/green-ish stain after its removed. That is a big deal breaker for me with liquid eyeliners. So I am happy to announce that Maybelline Hypersharp Laser Precision does not leave any stains after removal

This eyeliner comes in three shades which are Intense Black, Soft Black, and Brown. It is available in your nearest pharmacy (Guardian/Watsons) priced at RM35.90. 

My daily look. I am using Maybelline's Color Show in Plumtastic on my lips. My very first plum-coloured lipstick. What do you think? Does the colour suit me? I am falling in love with the lipstick because it is affordable and moisturizing. 

Recently, I tested out this eyeliner during Maybelline's #drawmytrueself contest on their Instagram and the pictures above are the looks that I managed to recreate. Yes, I love cats. 

Thank you for reading!

Sarah :)

Disclaimer : This product is provided for PR purpose but it does not affect my review/thoughts. 

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