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Review : Nu-Pore Luxurious Home Spa Treatment Moisturizing Socks

It's not a Christmas socks, dear Andriod. But it is a socks. Note that it is not any other kind of socks.
This socks, is called Nu-Pore Moisturizing Socks! Imagine a face mask but for your poor, neglected feet!

Warning : I do not have model's legs. Best not to view when you are eating or drinking. 
View at your own risk. Thank you! 

Front packaging
Back packaging
Step by Step directions

First and foremost, please forgive the unsightly sight of my cracked heels. I developed them ever since I stayed on campus. Sigh. Don't really have the time to 'maintain' or 'pamper' my skin. Being on a student budget, going for pedicure every month is out of the equation. Pedicures or manicures are like, birthday gifts to myself. Maybe once or twice a year? (T ^ T) 

Well, thank goodness for us girls we are living in the 21st Century where almost ANYTHING is possible. Nu-Pore has developed this amazing product for us busy students, ladies, and even men too. Guys, don't feel ashamed for giving your dry, cracked heel some moisturizing love once in awhile. Aye, I am guilty as charged. 

What is Nu-Pore Moisturizing Socks?
  • Luxurious Home Spa Treatment
  • Provides Moisture & Nutrients to Dry, Rough Feet
  • Revitalizes Feet
  • Easy to Use
  • One Size Fits Most
  • Made in South Korea

How To Use Nu-Pore Moisturizing Socks?
  1. Wash feet thoroughly and completely dry them to remove any moisture.
  2. Open and put feet in the feet moisturizing treatment and make sure the contents of the liquid makeup is inside.
  3. While wearing the feet moisturizing treatment, massage them to thoroughly absorb all the moisture.
  4. After 20-30 minutes, remove the feet moisturizing treatment and softly pat down the remaining contents for better absorption.

My Experience with Nu-Pore Moisturizing Socks

When I first receiving this moisturizing socks to be reviewed, I was skeptical at how much difference can this 'moisturizing socks' can do for my dry as a desert heels. I am happy to report that it was easy to use and did not cause a mess at all. When using the moisturizing socks, it was a weird experience (hey, it was my first time alright) but I soon got over it. It feels squishy and slippery inside the 'socks'. It's squishy and slippery because it contains Shea Butter and Aloe Vera extracts. It made me wanna slide across the hall but my bf wouldn't have any of that. Party pooper. Okay, so did it work? I will let the pictures do the talking.

Close up
Yep, I could imagine your reponses. Quite a significant difference, eh? Of course, you wouldn't expect your cracked heels gone in just one usage. I believe that with continuous usage of Nu-Pore Moisturizing Socks, my heels won't feel so dry and look less terrifying.

My Suggestions
  • Try tossing it in the fridge for an hour before usage for that calming and cooling effect. It would be great after a long day at work or walking around. 
  • I used it for about 30 minutes to an hour instead, allowing my thirsty, dry heels to fully-absorb the liquid. 
  • You can use this when you are in the office (if you are working overtime), or getting your hair done (the one that you have to sit for hours!) or when you are sitting down ('studying', fooling around on the internet, watching endless series or technically, not doing anything with your feet). 
  • Its not only for the lovely ladies but its for the masculine men out there as well! 
Price and Place
Well, its not sold in any physical shops in Malaysia that I know of. 
If you do, please do let me know! :) 

I got mine from Mesmerize.com at RM15 a packet which contains a pair of moisturizing socks. 

But wait! They are having a sale now and its only RM10
You can purchase them here.

I would purchase it again in a heart beat. It helps soothe my dry, cracked heels and moisturize them as well. 
Again, your crack heels would slowly fade away (depends on the severity as well) when you religiously use it or maintain by putting extra moisturizing cream.  

Have you used it before?
How did it fare for you?
Would you want to try it out?

Sarah :)

Disclaimer : This product was sponspored by Mesmerize.com but it does not affect my honest view or thoughts about this product. 

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