Friday, 25 January 2013

Latest trend : Beauty Boxes

Alright. I admit it.


You may be wondering, what is this 'IT' is this lady referring too?

*sparkles glides across your display screen*

It's EVERYWHERE. I am not exaggerating.
maybe a little. hee. 

So far the ones I am currently aware of are :

Mivva Beauty Box 

Wonder Box 

Vanity Trove


________________________ (*^*) __________________________

All of them are so DESIRABLE!
Oh no. Just when I thought of a way to end my spending habit. Here comes a new 'enemy'. OHBOY.

Okay, lets see what so special about them.
First off, the obvious. All of the beauty boxes has the exact, if not, almost the same subscription frame consisting of one-off, 3 months, 6 months & one year. 

Mivva Beauty Box works with brands such as :
  • Paul Penders
  • Skinlab
  • Murad
  • Stage
  • Bio-essence 
  • Heme
  • Oriks
  • Privia U New York
  • di' palomo
  • Facial First
  • posh! nail spa
Wonderbox's collaborators :
  • Clinelle 
  • Elianto 
  • Empro
  • Gamila Secret
  • Jurlique
  • Kerastase
  • Murad
  • O.P.I
  • Ronasutra
  • Sampar Paris
  • Sothys Paris
  • The Body Shop
  • The Face Shop 
Vanity Trove's trove givers : ... my jaw literally dropped when I clicked on the 'BRANDS' located at the top left of the page. THERE'S SO MANYY!! No wonder its RM60 a trove. LOL.
List of brands here :

Modbox's list of brands :
  • Cellnique
  • Claire, Handmade with love
  • Himalayas 
  • Juice Beauty
  • Kiss Me
  • Luview
  • My Beauty Dairy
  • Sante Naturkosmetik
  • Skin 79
PHEW. I hope that I have provided an easy viewing for you girls to compare the list of brands they house. Just for fun or to help you decide which beauty box to start off with first! Hehehe.

The highlighted brands are the ones I am excited about as I am familiar with them & their products. The others.. Gotta do a background check on them. *spy mode ON* And it looks like Wonderbox has won the first round with the most highlighted brands that I find interesting & motivating enough to part my hard-earn money with. Next in line would be, Modbox!

I'm glad that I did this post of randomness because now, I know where to start off first :D 


Thursday, 24 January 2013

Review & Swatches : NYX Retractable Eyeliners

NYX. A brand that never fails to surprise me.
Ever since internet & cosmetics collided in my world, I found NYX.

Here, as you can see. I have a collection of NYX Retractable Eyeliners.
Some ordered through sprees & some from Sephora <3

From left : Gypsy Blue, Golden Olive, Bronze, Brown, Gold & Silky Cashmere 

The colors are superbly pigmented, smooth & oh-so-breathtaking. 

FYI : Sephora Malaysia only carry 3 colors from this line which is Black, Olive Green & Silky Cashmere. OHSOSAD..... *tears*
They should seriously consider to expand the color selections of their NYX line. If not, online spree is the only way. 

Here is a breakdown of the colors I have :

Gypsy Blue - Teal, fine shimmer.
Golden Olive - Olive green, fine shimmer.
Bronze - Dark glittering bronze, contains obvious gold glitter chunks.
Brown - Chocolaty brown with a neutral base, not to black nor too red. Matte finish. PERFECTO!
Gold - A yellow-based gold color with a tinge of vintage touch to it. Not those bright gold.
Silky Cashmere - A neutral toned pink-brown with a shimmery finish. 

Above : Make Up Remover test. Only wiped ONCE across the swatches.
From the picture, we can see that Gypsy Blue is the obvious winner in terms of withstanding a single swipe of the make up remover. The make up remover used in this test is Mandom Bifesta Beauty Cleansing Express Sebum (a review coming up!) which is one of my must-have cleansing product in removing make up & dirt. ♥ 

OK. Let's talk facts.

Pigmentation  - ♥ 
Price -  

The eyeliners from this NYX Retractable line is without a doubt excellent in terms of pigmentation, color & texture. It applies smoothly & does not tug my eyelids. Smudging is possible in the first 5 second time frame for that soft or sultry look. It does not bleed or smudge once it is dried up.
Experience : I used NYX Retractable in Bronze without any eye primer or eyeshadow as I was in my lazy mode. Paired it with my mascara and headed out running about with my errands. After an hour or two, its still intact! WOOHOO. It can withstand Malaysia's hot & humid weather. Love! About 4-5 hours later, I noticed that it transferred slightly onto my crease area. Not complaining as it is hard to come by an eyeliner which is affordable & pigmented. 
The packaging is well thought out as it is retracts in and out easily without any hassle. It helps save time on sharpening & a whole load of mess. Plus, it also helps save a lot of product from being wasted away by sharpening. I started out with pencil liners, but ever since I was introduced to NYX's Retractable Eyeliner things has never been the same again. Bliss~

Well, that is about it for now. I am feeling extremely sleepy but yet my fingers is not showing any sign of slowing down. LOL.

Have you used any of these eyeliners before?
What do you think of them?

I would totally love to hear from you :)


Friday, 4 January 2013

Sneak Peek :)

Hey dears,

Here are the reviews/swatches that has been lined up after a loooooooooong semester.
I still have not forgotten my over-due RapidLash review.
(Frantically opening every single folder to find the pictures I took of my lashes before I started using it) 
So sit back and relax. I am trying too.
First paper on the 7th of January.
Teaching Ethics.

Oh boy.
Sleepless nights.

Here. I. Come.