Friday, 25 January 2013

Latest trend : Beauty Boxes

Alright. I admit it.


You may be wondering, what is this 'IT' is this lady referring too?

*sparkles glides across your display screen*

It's EVERYWHERE. I am not exaggerating.
maybe a little. hee. 

So far the ones I am currently aware of are :

Mivva Beauty Box 

Wonder Box 

Vanity Trove


________________________ (*^*) __________________________

All of them are so DESIRABLE!
Oh no. Just when I thought of a way to end my spending habit. Here comes a new 'enemy'. OHBOY.

Okay, lets see what so special about them.
First off, the obvious. All of the beauty boxes has the exact, if not, almost the same subscription frame consisting of one-off, 3 months, 6 months & one year. 

Mivva Beauty Box works with brands such as :
  • Paul Penders
  • Skinlab
  • Murad
  • Stage
  • Bio-essence 
  • Heme
  • Oriks
  • Privia U New York
  • di' palomo
  • Facial First
  • posh! nail spa
Wonderbox's collaborators :
  • Clinelle 
  • Elianto 
  • Empro
  • Gamila Secret
  • Jurlique
  • Kerastase
  • Murad
  • O.P.I
  • Ronasutra
  • Sampar Paris
  • Sothys Paris
  • The Body Shop
  • The Face Shop 
Vanity Trove's trove givers : ... my jaw literally dropped when I clicked on the 'BRANDS' located at the top left of the page. THERE'S SO MANYY!! No wonder its RM60 a trove. LOL.
List of brands here :

Modbox's list of brands :
  • Cellnique
  • Claire, Handmade with love
  • Himalayas 
  • Juice Beauty
  • Kiss Me
  • Luview
  • My Beauty Dairy
  • Sante Naturkosmetik
  • Skin 79
PHEW. I hope that I have provided an easy viewing for you girls to compare the list of brands they house. Just for fun or to help you decide which beauty box to start off with first! Hehehe.

The highlighted brands are the ones I am excited about as I am familiar with them & their products. The others.. Gotta do a background check on them. *spy mode ON* And it looks like Wonderbox has won the first round with the most highlighted brands that I find interesting & motivating enough to part my hard-earn money with. Next in line would be, Modbox!

I'm glad that I did this post of randomness because now, I know where to start off first :D 


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  1. I have heard of Birchbox on makeupalley (best review site ever!!) but have not indulged. Seems pricey and what if you get stuck with a bunch of stuff you dont want?
    BUT ths MODBOX is intriguing me....he he he...i love korean brand so much better