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Review : Make Up Forever STEP 1 Skin Equalizer in Hydrating Primer - It has finally reached Malaysia's shores!

Gone were the days where primers are products that simply smoothen out those pesky pores and holes on our faces by filling them up. It's undeniable that when there's technology and science involved, there will be and always be something new, something revolutionary, something extraordinary. Make Up Forever has done just that.

Being a curious cat as usual, I literally stalked/swatched/compared Make Up Forever's products in one of the local Sephora outlets. I love studying the different textures, functions, and finishes various products and brands has to offer. Most of the time, I would silently scoff at highly-raved products from certain brands because there are other products offers the exact same or similar function with just a fraction of the price. But there will always be products that are just simply... irreplaceable.

Make Up Forever has made sure their products are up a notch or two compared to other brands. Just do a random google of any best makeup products, there you will see one or two Make Up Forever product in one of some beauty guru or youtuber's must-have list of products. #fact

What is Make Up Forever STEP 1 Skin Equalizer?

STEP1 is the range of skin equalizers developed to refine, smooth and even out. Our exclusive Equalizer Complex delivers 3 key actions:

- APPLICATION : makeup goes on seamlessly
- RESULT : optimized color & finish
- WEAR: longer staying power

As you can see the picture below, MUFE's old primer packaging comes in plastic, transparent pump bottle with a black, plastic cap. Below that picture, is the all new revamped product and packaging of MUFE's STEP 1 Skin Equalizer. I managed to find swatches of every primer available from MUFE's STEP 1 Skin Eqaulizer line. Picture credits to pixiwoo

Make Up Forever STEP 1 Skin Equalizer comes in 10 different shades and textures. It is without a doubt there's something for everyone. Listed below are the description and provided by MUFE :

  • MATTIFYING PRIMER *(BLACK/DARK GREY) is the answer to unwanted shine, fighting against excess oil to ensure a matte makeup result. Formulated with our specific Sebustop Vegetal Complex, this first step equalizer instantly reduces pore size and controls shine for a flawless makeup all day long.
  • SMOOTHING PRIMER (LIGHT GREY) instantly fills in and blurs imperfections for silky soft skin. This satiny, non-oily formula evens out skin texture by minimizing pores, wrinkles and fine lines. Skin looks resurfaced and perfectly smooth for a flawless makeup all day long.
  • HYDRATING PRIMER (LIGHT BLUE) instantly quenches skin's thirst by helping boost and refreshing tired skin. Formulated with our specific H₂O Complex, it provides moisture transforming dehydrated skin into a supple, healthy, plump surface for a flawless makeup all day long.
  • NOURISHING PRIMER (WHITE) instantly replenishes dry and dehydrated skin with a moisture-rich soothing formula. Our specific Vegetal Complex feeds skin, hydrating and reviving it while antioxidants protect from the elements. Its rich and creamy texture melts on the skin to nourish and sooth. Restores elasticity and revitalizes skin to ensure a more uniform texture and a flawless makeup all day long.
  • REDNESS CORRECTING PRIMER (GREEN) instantly neutralizes and evens out red tones for flawless foundation coverage. Green Spectraflex® pigments color correct redness and boost radiance while moisturizing agents provide hydration. Skin tone is evened out for a flawless makeup all day long.
  • RADIANT PRIMERS instantly color correct according to skin tone giving what looks like new bare skin. These tailored equalizers transform radiance levels and bring more hydration and light to the face. Formulated with our blend of Spectraflex® pigments to neutralize imperfections and banish dullness, Radiant Primers give immediate radiance and even skin tone for a flawless makeup all day long.

Find your Radiant Primer color:
6. Cool Pink: for  yellow fair skin (PINK)
7. Blue: for yellow red fair skin (BLUE)
8. Peach: for  fair skin (PEACH)
9. Yellow: for tanned skin (YELLOW)
10. Caramel: for dark skin (BURNT ORANGE)
11. Mauve: for yellow dark skin (LAVENDER) -not in the pictures-

*The colours in the brackets is to identify the packaging not the content.

It really does look amazing (* ^ *)

Review : MUFE STEP 1 Skin Equalizer in Hydrating Primer

Alright, let's get down to business. I have been using the primer for almost two months - hence the delay in reviewing this product. I believe in really testing and experimenting with the product to be able to provide a solid review. Before I start, this product was given to me as gift with reviewing purposes by Make Up Forever Malaysia. I'm not paid nor sponsored. The review is based solely on my experience and not influenced by any parties. 

Now, those of you who knows me pretty well - I have an extremely oily skin with loads of imperfections. Primers are a must for me because anything and everything will slide off my face, with the contribution of the Malaysian humid weather. Since I have oily skin, why did I choose the Hydrating Primer instead of the Mattifying Primer?

It's simple. Quite a lot of my face products has mattifying properties and I was thinking about my hours spent in air-conditioned classrooms. I once paired a mattifying primer along with a mattifying bb cream and finishing powder and after a long day walking around in the shopping mall - BOOM. MY SKIN LOOKED LIKE A PALE PRUNE. I kid you not. It looked dry and really horrible. Since then, I realized that even my makeup products has to be used in moderation. 

Plus I also noticed that my skin is oily on the outside but dry on the inside. This condition is commonly known as dehydrated skin. Dehydrated, combination skin - not a great combo. There's only so much makeup can conceal. Hence, I decided to switch up my products here and there to achieve a happy balance.

I used the Hydrating Primer with a few products and found that it works very well with powder foundations. Here's quick review of products used with MUFE STEP 1 Skin Equalizer in Hydrating Primer : 

  • ZA Perfect Fit Two-Way Foundation in OC10 :
    The powder went on smoothly. Only extremely big pores can still be seen but it's fine with me because the main functions of this primer is hydrating and providing a smooth canvas which it did on both accounts. Wear time lasted about 5 - 6 hours in a humid environment/moving about whereas if it was in an air-conditioning room, it lasted from 9am - 6.30pm. 

    I checked on and off throughout the 10 hours period, my powder foundation melted quite well and it began to look like my second skin. By the 8th or 9th hour, I can feel my cheeks and T-Zone feeling a little greasy but the glowy kind of oily. Not the frying pan oily-kind. 

  • KATE Liquid Touch Powder Foundation in OC-B :
    The results were quite amazing. The powder went on smoothly and my pores were nowhere to be seen! The Kate powder might have helped a little in covering up the excess pores. I wore this combo throughout the Chinese New Year celebration back in Malacca. It was the best time to really put the primer to the test because of the hot, melting weather.

    My younger cousins (there's not much privacy when 4 families live under one roof. LOL!) watched as I put on my makeup and they were like "Wah!", "Omg. How did you do that?", "Your skin looks so smooth now!". Hahaha! Kids :) I must admit that I was quite impressed with how the primer performed. Okay, here's the honest part - this Hydrating Primer did not fare well with the heat and humidity. I had to use Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray to help my makeup last till late night. 

  • Laneige Pore Control BB Cushion in shade 21 :
    This BB cushion had mattifying properties and it worked quite harmoniously with it. I set the combo with Wet n Wild Cover All pressed powder and dusted Tarte Smooth Operator Amazonian Clay pressed finishing powder. I applied at 12pm and had it on till 11pm. My makeup lasted the whole day! Not forgetting, my skin looked glowing and pretty flawless, I must say. #perasaan  

  • MUFE Mat Velvet+ Mattifying Foundation in shade 30 :
    I tried this combo last because I had a breakout when I used the foundation. It seemed to clog my pores. I am not sure whether it is just me or there are ingredients in the foundation that doesn't go well my skin.

    Anyway, I closed one eye and applied. Being paranoid, I checked my makeup on and off and found that there were slight bumps on my left cheek and red bumps on my right eventhough my bf said there wasn't any. HMM. I must be going mad. Okay back to the combo, I observed that my skin looked all-glowy and smooth throughout the day as if I did not put on any foundation at all. My bf even commented that it looked good. HEHE. 

    I applied it at 7.30am and removed it at around 9pm. When I removed it, I noticed that there were new formations of pimples on my right cheek. I'm not sure whether it was coincidence or my skin is disagreeing with the foundation. Sigh :( I have to test and do some research on it again before I can confirm anything.

Left to Right : Bare face with moisturiser and freshly applied primer, 10 minutes after primer applied, and full make-up
I honestly do not know how to have that same perfect selfie everytime. I find it quite time consuming (><)'''

Hope this doesn't scare ya. 


Based on my experience and experiments, I would recommend MUFE STEP 1 Skin Equalizer in Hydrating Primer to :
  • Ladies who sits in an air-conditioning room for super long hours 
  • Ladies who finds their skin dehydrated 
  • Ladies who wants a gentle primer for sensitive skin 
  • Ladies who love that glowy look 

I won't recommend it to :
  • Matte skin lovers 
  • Ladies with extremely oily skin 
  • Ladies who moves about a lot 
  • Ladies who wants extreme pore coverage 
  • Ladies who dislikes glowy finishes 

Please know that our skin types are different and what I have experienced may not be the same as you. So do drop by at MUFE counters to get the trained makeup sales assistants to help you choose the right primer for you. You can go bare faced to Sephora and try out a full makeup using the primer as your base to help you decide whether its for you or not. There's no harm in trying out ;)

Oops, silly me. I left out the most important information. It's priced at RM160 for 30ml tube. It's available at all MUFE counters in Sephora Malaysia.

Don't forget to follow them on social media to get latest news or launches -
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Website : http://www.makeupforever.com/

Have you tried these brand new MUFE primers yet? 
If yes, how did it fare for you? 
If no, do you think you will give it a go?
I would love to hear from you in my comments below. 

Thank you for reading!
Sarah :)


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