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Review : The Brush Guard

Are you tired of seeing the bristles of your brush crinkle, shed, or get caught by the zip of your makeup pouch ruining the soft, gentle bristles? Seeing the bristles getting caught by the zip is even worse when the brush costs an arm and a leg. Regardless of the value of the brush, all brushes should be kept protected and well-maintained to prolong the life of the brushes.

How to protect and maintain your baby brushes? I had been personally using The Brush Guard for about four years now when it was introduced by the Youtube makeup guru star, Michelle Phan. Being an excited, budding makeup fiend, I purchased mine from a forum in Lowyat (which is no longer active). That was four years ago.

With all that chatter, let's not forget to introduce "The Brush Guard",

Who is 'The Brush Guard'?


The Brush Guard is a stretchable, breathable polyester tube that protects your make-up bristles, and brings them back to new!
We know that brushes can be a pricey investment, we don't believe in throwing them away because they are over used and splayed. 
With one use of The Brush Guard, your brushes will look as good as new! 
We have brush guards for all shapes and sizes from eye liner brushes to kabuki brushes. 
Did you know that in each make-up brush lives oil, old make-up, skin cells, bacteria, dust & dirt? Ew! We call these the ICKIES! 
Not cleaning your make-up brushes can cause breakouts, clogged pores and blackheads. 
A simple clean from our Brush Guard Cleaning Kit will solve all those problems! 
Since 2005, The Brush Guard has created innovative methods in brush care and maintenance which are available in their popular patented line of product including: The Brush Guard, The Brush Defender, The Brush Guard Cleaning Kit, and the Squeaky Clean Brush Shampoo.


The Brush Guard began with a problem - how to wash and dry makeup brushes while keeping their shape perfect and their bristles intact. 
Founder Diane Baker struggled with this problem until, during a dinner party with a long-time friend and mechanical engineer, Malcolm Plant, (after several glasses of wine!) they figured out for the first time ever how to safely cover and shape brushes, and so The Brush Guard was born!


We believe that our products revolutionize brush care. 
We also believe in keeping our tools at their best. 
We are devoted to brush care and hygiene. 
We believe that brush hygiene is the missing link in our skin care routine.
Nobody should put clean makeup on clean skin with a dirty brush. 
Everybody should get the most from their brushes!

Information taken from The Brush Guard

When I first received it, I wondered what was so special about this plastic-like netting that strongly reminded me of the nettings found wrapped on small fruits in the supermarket. I also questioned my judgement on purchasing something that seemed replaceable with something else. Fast forward, I continued using them and haven't given much thought about them till today. So, when Mesmerize Online approached me to review The Brush Guard, it struck me that I had the Brush Guard for four years already! I quickly rummaged through my cupboard and gathered my scattered Brush Guard. I was impressed that its still usable till this very day, except it looks slightly discoloured and worn but it's still good. 

The Variety Pack
The Brush Guard's Variety Pack consists of 6 brush guards of different sizes:  

  • 1 Shadow 1/4" extra small
  • 2 Blush 3/8" small
  • 2 Foundation 5/8" medium 
  • 1 Powder/Kabuki 1" large

My very first 'The Brush Guard' was the The Variety Pack. If you are not exactly sure which pack to get or would prefer a range of variety (pun intended), I'd suggest to get 'The Variety Pack'. You won't be disappointed because it usually covers the basic brushes in your collection, may it be small or big. 

How to Use: 

  1. Slip The Brush Guard over your brush’s handle until it extends ¼” to ½” beyond the bristles.
  2. Select the size that fits snugly over your brush’s ferrule (the metal part) and it will not slide back towards the brush handle nor crush the bristles. 
  3. Never slide from bristle towards handle!

Below are some comparison pictures of my old Brush Guards and new Brush Guards. 

See the difference after 4 years?

If you are still not convinced, below are some pictures and video taken by me with my collection of brushes. 
Medium-sized Brush Guard with Sigma Flat Kabuki F80 and Sigma Round Kabuki F82
Small-sized Brush Guards with Sigma Large Angled Contour F40 and (new version) Ecotools Blush Brush

Left: Large-sized Brush Guard with Covo HD Kabuki Brush and ELF Kabuki Face Brush
Right: The Variety Pack in Action
The Brush Guard's Shadow/Liner Pack
Now, if you have a beautiful collection of dedicated eye brushes like my Sigma Eye Performance Kit. I would suggest this little gem (the kit isn't cheap alright). These would protect and prolong your well-invested babies. The best part is, you can bring your babies around when you travel. Hint, hint: Chinese New Year is just around the corner! :D

A close-up picture of the Shadow/Liner Pack. Sorry for the poor quality photo :/ 
The Brush Guard's Shadow/Liner Pack in action with my beautiful Sigma Eye Performace Kit :)
The Shadow/Liner Pack in action with Zoeva 232 Classic Shader and Sigma Small Tapered Blending in E45


The thing I like about The Brush Guard is their honesty and non-outrageous marketing claims. Such as, they did note : With use, The Brush Guard may fray. Moderate fraying will not impair The Brush Guard’s effectiveness. Admitting that the product has a lifespan is like admitting we are human beings. It doesn't claim to keep your brushes forever young, and all that crap. I'm serious. It can be quite tiring and disappointing to part with our hard-earned money falling for a marketing gimmick. It's not to say that I am against marketing gimmicks/claims but I believe there's a beautiful balance between truth and pure exaggeration. Think about the long run. 

Anyway, the bottomline is that I love The Brush Guard as it has served me well for the past 4 years. It keeps my brushes' bristles in an orderly fashion and it does help prolongs the lifespan of my brushes but of course, with the proper care from cleaning to storage. Think about it. If you have spent about RM50++ on a brush (especially Sigma/MAC/MUFE brushes), I'm pretty sure you would like to show some extra love to make sure it lasts you for years to come. Well, I hope all of you find this review helpful in deciding which pack would be suitable for your makeup brushes. 

Where to purchase The Brush Guard? 

You can purchase it from Mesmerize Online at RM30 per pack (here). They have:
  • Variety Pack
  • Shadow/Liner Pack
  • Powder/Kabuki Pack
It's free shipping for purchases above RM150. So gather your friends and family to share the joy and prep your makeup brushes for this coming Chinese New Year! Travel with a peace of mind. #onlymakeuploversunderstand. 

Thank you for reading!

Sarah :)

Disclaimer : The products were provided for reviewing purposes. Please know that all of the information above are my own thoughts and views on the product. This is not a paid review. And, no I don't get any commission from the sales of this item. 

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