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Review : NEW Dettol Anti-Bacterial pH-Balance Body Wash


They are everywhere.

The smudgy, oily screen that you tap and swipe about 50 times a day.
The greasy, dusty keyboard that you type on.
The money you received from the char kuey teow lady or mamak.
The chairs of all sizes that has received countless warm posterior and silent farts.
The awkward hugs or handshakes you receive from all walks of life.
The cute, cool silver buttons on ATM machines or elevator.
The black, sticky, endless-like escalator handrail you unknowingly hold on to.
The sweat that trickles down your back after a long day.
The weathered car door handles and god-knows when was the last time you cleaned your gear stick.
To the very last doorknob you touched.


Feeling exposed now? Ha. I do. It's like a sudden realization or awareness because we are so caught up with work, studies, friends, and families. My handphone, television remote, and laptop are my most used gadgets at home. Not realizing the germs and dirt we pick up or leave and it is a never-ending cycle. Since my car's air-conditioning system isn't working, I drive around with the windows open and with that, I am exposed to all sorts of pollution. You think it, you'd name it - dust, exhaust fumes, rain, and sweat. It's really no fun being in nature's hands - you'd either be sweating profusely under the mercy of the sun or completely drenched by the rain. 

My boyfriend, my siblings, and I are surrounded by pets. So imagine how many times do we have to sanitize ourselves after showing love to our furry pals??

Besides being exposed to pollution, I have a pet cat that I love to hug, cuddle, and smother her with kisses whenever I see her. Cats are like happy pills, I tell you. They melt your worries and problems away. It's magic weh. Anyway, back to the topic. I usually let my cat roam around, conquering the neighbourhood. Cat does what cat do. She would roll and sunbath on the cement floor, sharpen her claws on her favourite tree, stalk birds from under the car, squeeze her way through the drains, and etc. And, I still hug her. I can't help it. I must show my affection to my beloved cat. How not to be exposed?

That's why men created Dettol! To protect cat lovers such as myself from external factors. *cough cough*

Think about it, how much can you do or not do to protect yourself against something you cannot see, touch, or feel? Not knowing when it will strike or blow over. But are you really going to deny yourself or your family from all the freedom to have fun or create memories? As a child, I have seen quite a few Dettol ads and wondered what was so special about Dettol. Now as a woman, with hopes of having a family of my own, I have observed and seen young mothers stress and worry over their precious child's welfare. I understood that there's only so much you can do to protect them. You can protect them from bodily harm by taking extra precautions but what about protecting them from germs and bacterias? How many times can you stop your child from putting his or her hand in their mouth after crawling on the floor? How many times can you stop your child from running around, having fun with his or her friends? Think about it.

I am no science student and I must admit, it is and can be challenging trying to comprehend facts but nothing is impossible. Here's what I understand about pH balance, with special thanks to Kerry from Skin and Tonics who did some in depth research on the skin's natural barrier and acid mantle. After reading her article, I am determined to check every product I use to ensure my skin is receiving the right amount of pH.

What is pH? 

Things I do to help myself understand better. Hope this helps you too! 

What is the Moisture/Natural Barrier?


The epidermis is the visible part of our skin compromising of multiple layers. The outermost layer is called the stratum corneum. The stratum corneum is the protective layer, also known as the “moisture barrier” or “lipid barrier.” It compromises of dead, flattened cells called keratinocytes that continuously shed and replaced by newer keratinocytes, and held together by fatty acids, ceramides, and other lipids.

The lipids and keratinocytes act together as a waterproof barrier that effectively keeps water in the skin and prevents bacteria, irritants, allergens, and other microorganisms from penetrating the skin. The lipids also play a key role in encouraging acceleration of new cells in the deeper layers of the epidermis.


Left : A normal and healthy skin.
Right : Moisture is lost through unprotected cracks in the outermost layer of the skin and the skin is more prone to infections.
source : google 

What is the Acid Mantle?

The layer outside of our stratum corneum/moisture barrier has an acidic layer called 
acid mantle/hydrolipid film” which is slightly acidic (pH 5.5). It is naturally secreted by the skin and pH levels that are considered healthy ranges from 4.5 to 6.2. The acid mantle is essential in supporting the barrier functions of the outermost layer of the skin, the stratum corneum

The acid mantle’s low pH serves :

  • to stop the growth of harmful bacteria, fungi, parasites, and other pathogens.  
  • maintain the durability and structural integrity of the keratin proteins in our keratinocytes. 

What causes the acid mantle to disrupt?
  • When using products with a high/alkaline pH. Alkaline products cause the keratin proteins to soften, and as they lose their structure, they also lose their protective qualities. 

What happens when the acid mantle is disrupted?
  • Skin becomes prone to external factors such as allergens, irritations, weather, infection.
  • Prone to internal factors such as stress, hormones, diseases
  • Leads to sensitive and dry skin.
  • Bottomline : skin inflammation.

How to care for your acid mantle?
  • cleansing (with a slightly acidic cleanser) & moisturize for healthy skin
  • antibacterial prodctection for germ free skin
  • sunscreen for sun-protection (optional)
  • targeted treatment for the damage - wrinkles, pigmentation (optional)
  • treat your skin gently (optional)

Do you know? Once the acid mantle has been compromised, it takes somewhere between 14 and 20 hours for the pH to return to normal, assuming you’re vigilant about the pH of your skin care products throughout the healing process. During that time, your skin is more vulnerable to pathogens.

pH pen Demonstration

Items used in the experiment. I love experimenting! It makes me feel like a mad scientist :P

Previously, you may experience Dettol leaves your skin dry and tight but NOW - Dettol has a new pH balanced formula that not only protects your skin from germs and bacteria but also helps retain skin moisture, preserving the natural barrier of your skin. - True story. 

The Hydrion pH Pencil used to test pH levels of the skin or solution.
I grabbed every shower gel I could find in my house. Note, there're a total of 6 people living at home :)
The pH level results. 
Alright, let's talk about the pH results. 

In this pH level testing, I gathered shower gels from 5 different brands including Dettol's pH Balanced Body Wash. The brands were labelled as W, X, Y, Z, and D for Dettol. I started off by testing the pH level of my skin by applying about two drops of distilled water on my skin and used the Hydrion pH pencil on the dampened area. As you can see in the picture above, the result is shown on left side on my hand at the beginning of the strip. The pH pen reacted almost immediately when its tip touched the damp area. It around pH 4 to pH 5, which is good because our natural acid mantle is at the pH 5.5

Let's talk about shower gel X and shower gel Y. I am a fond user of these two shower gels, mainly because of its scent and claims. For shower gel X, I was using it for the past 4 years as an undergraduate on campus. To be honest, I was sincerely shocked and taken aback to see my staple shower gel has actually been harming my skin more than protecting it. As dramatic as it may sound, I felt betrayed. This explains the countless skin problems that sent me visiting the student clinic during my undergraduate years. On the pH scale, both pH levels of shower gel X and Y falls into the scale of pH 8 or 9. It's quite incredulous as they are quite well-known brands in the market. 

You may notice that shower gel W and shower gel Z showed the same results as Dettol. Before you jump into the conclusion thinking there are other brands that serves the same function as Dettol, you would want to think again. It is understandable that a shower gel's main purpose is to clean. But as the time changes, men have infused aesthetic purposes into the equation to meet various demands of the masses. Shower gel W, priced at RM18.90 for 490ml, does not have anti-bacterial properties whereas shower gel Z, priced at RM39.00 for 250ml does have anti-bacterial properties. If you compare all three products carefully, Dettol has value for money, protects our skin, and aids in maintaining the pH levels of our acid mantle. Talk about 3 in 1! 

Dettol pH Balanced shower gel :  
  • 250ml, RM6.90 
  • 650ml, RM15.90 
  • 950ml + 550ml (while stock lasts), RM21.90 

Take the Dettol pH Challenge

Now you know what pH balance is all about. So take the Dettol pH Challenge now! 
Go to and get RM5 off any Dettol pH balanced 650ml shower gel variant, on top of instore discount from 1 Nov - 31 Dec at all participating Guardian outlets. 


Let's talk about their packaging. After using it for more than two weeks, I found no fault in the packaging. I brought it along with me to my sister's place a few times and there was no leakage or spillage as the cap was shut tight and the overall packaging is really sturdy. I like how the bottle has a curved shape in the middle, like a perfect waistline. Easy to hold or grab in the shower without slipping from wet, and probably cold (mornings) hands.

Most importantly, I love how Dettol's pH balance shower gels leaves my skin feeling soft, supple, smelling and feeling super clean. Ironically, Dettol's pH Balance shower gel variant in Original appeals to me more than the other three variants which is Skincare, Fresh, and Re-energize. Please don't ask me why. There's nothing wrong with the other scents, it's just personal preference.

A selfie with Dettol!
There are a few variants to select from. My favourite Dettol pH Balance bodywash is Original! 
Back of the bottle.
But one thing I can vouch for is that the Original scent does not have that overpowering and sometimes nauseating medicinal scent. Nope, you won't step out of the shower smelling like you just came out of the hospital. After researching and reading up on how the pH balance works, I am more vigilant on what I use on my skin now. You bet I will be testing my shampoos and facial wash for their pH levels. I got the body covered, thanks to Dettol! At the end of the day, it all boils down to the price tag. Priced at RM6.90 for 250ml and RM15.90 for 650ml, I dare say it is bank account friendly. Especially if you are a university student! Affordable protection against germs for everyone.

You can purchase them at all pharmacies or hypermarkets near you. But don't forget, the RM5 voucher is only applicable at all GUARDIAN outlets from 1 Dec to 15 Dec. 

On the left, Dettol Healthy Fresh range comes in 3 variants to provide protection from germs and freshness that lasts for up to 12 hours : 
  • Fresh 
  • Re-energize 
  • Cool
On the right column, Dettol Healthy Skin range comes in 3 variants to provide protection from germs and on top nourish your skin to keep it healthy and beautiful : 
  • Skin Care 
  • Radiance
  • Nourishing 
RM6.90 for 250ml

RM15.90 for 625ml
Follow Dettol Malaysia for future updates!

Which scent do you think you would go for? Comment below!

Thank you for reading!

Sarah :)

Disclaimer : This is a sponsored post but experience and thoughts on both brand and product remains unbaised. Blogged from the heart & mind. 


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