About Author

Hi, I'm Sarah :) 

An aspiring educator of the English language who is still learning the tricky ropes in developing young minds while always finding ways of improving herself as a person. A fresh graduate who had always loved writing and releasing herself through poetry. It doesn't stop there, her love for writing has expanded to reviewing makeup and hoarding on blog drafts revolving fashion and lifestyle.

Living in a concrete jungle which is the heart of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. Big and tough on the outside but soft as a marshmallow on the inside. Your average girl-next-door with a tinge of uniqueness. I am a makeup enthusiast, educationist-in-the-making, avid blogshopper & fashion appreciator. A Christian by heart, and have an undying love for good story books. Not forgetting a chocolate & coffee (Artisan Roast, Doi Chaang, etc) enthusiast!  

This blog is strictly for fun, sharing, experimenting for the love of makeup. The best is bare-ing it all. Able to drive manual cars & shift gears in a millisecond. Enjoys simple things like a warm bath, quiet time & books! Love to watch NCIS, The Mentalist, Bones, Criminal Minds, Numb3rs, Monk - to name a few.

If you would like to seek an audience with me, here are some things my gate keeper would like to tell you:

  1. I need the right amount of time to plan out posts to give you the best possible write-ups.
  2. I write for free! (Unless you'd like to pay me for them)
  3. Who doesn't like free stuff? I'll write about them if you give me a sample.
  4. I like to write from the heart without bias. That's war all writers should aspire to be.
  5. I like to write about stuff I know about. It will be tough writing about new things, but I'll try.
  6. I like to joke with friends & my readers but ridiculous requests & comments will be seen as one. Muahaha!
  7. I love reading your feedback & comments. I may not respond to all of them but I do at least read them. That also doesn't mean that I love you any less.
  8. If your enquiries/comments are technical, please allow me some time to respond with intelligent answers. Teehee.

Skin type :
Oily-Combination - the kind where its oily on the surface but dry on the inside. Suffers from whiteheads, blackheads, occasional breakouts, scars. 
Skin tone :
MAC Matchmaster Foundation in Shade 1.5, ZA Perfect Fit Two-way Foundation in OC10/20, Revlon Colorstay for OilyCombo in 180 Sand Beige. 

For inquiries, sponsorship or advertorial, please contact me at [lashesandstrokes@gmail.com].