Sunday, 24 February 2013

How To : Clean Your Make Up Brushes with RM5!

Pic credits to Google
Yep, I bet most of you viewers would like to pick up your jaw from the floor. 

For this review, I am taking my Color Cosmetics Malaysia Short Handle Flat Top Brush as a model. 

What you need :
  • Any unused container with depth.
  • A dirty brush (LOL)
  • Daiso Detergent for puff and sponge. 
Step 1 
Step 2
Step 4
Step 5
Steps : 
  1. Pour about 1 or 2 tablespoons of Daiso liquid detergent into the container. 
  2. Fill container with water about half of the container or less. 
  3. Stir and mix well the liquid detergent and water together. 
  4. Dip your selected dirt-filled brush into the mixture. 
  5. Leave your brush in the water for about a minute or two. 
  6. Watch MAGIC in the video below. 
  7. Rinse brush till its squeaky clean. 
  8. Repeat till you are satisfied. 

*waves the magic wand* 

Right : Before
Left : After


Okay, what is this detergent you may be wondering. 
Its supposedly to wash off powder/foundation from powder puff or sponge. So, it could work for brushes as well, yes? HEHEHE. 
Where to get this magical and CHEAP brush cleaner?? 
At all Daiso Malaysia outlets (the ones I am aware of is around PJ/Selangor/KL area) :
  • Mid Valley
  • One Utama
  • The Curve
  • IOI Mall 
  • Sunway Pyramid 
  •  AEON Bukit Tinggi Klang (contributed by Aida, tq!)
  •  Setia City Mall (contributed by Aida, tq!)
*Please do let me know if I missed out anymore outlets, so that I can list down here for easy references. 
How much is this awesomely, CHEAP thing?? 
RM 5 only, my friend. RM 5 :) 
Is it SAFE for our skin??
Well, I have been using this brush cleaner for about 1+ and have not found any fault in it. The chemicals did not cause any breakouts, allergy reactions, etc. But it is best for you to test it out for allergies, etc. 
Is it SAFE for our babies (make up brushes) ??
YES. It is safe. My brushes has never been so happy and clean. MUMMYLURVESYA! No negative signs of possible damaging such as drying, thinning, rusting, etc. 
So, now you know my secret to clean brushes. I was reluctant to share as my biggest fear would be whenever I wanna get it, its out of stock. *sobs sobs* But oh well, I can't keep something so amazingly affordable and pocket-friendly from anyone :)

#extra note : I have tried out Cyber Colors Brush Cleaner. (That reminds me, another review coming up). It sucks BIG time. It is so difficult to remove the soap and my brushes felt sticky even though I have rinsed it many, many, many, many times. ARGH!! Wasted my RM30+! Should have just stuck with my Daiso one.

What are you waiting for? Quickly go grab yourself one now!

Sarah :)

Disclaimer : The product (except CCM brush) was purchased with my own money and I am not paid by or affiliated with the brand and company mentioned in this post. Hence, my review is 100% based on my honest opinion.  


  1. daiso also available at aeon bukit tinggi klang, and setia city mall

  2. Thanks for letting me know, Aida! :)

  3. I love this Daiso brush and sponge cleaner! Cleans really well, and is super affordable too. :)

  4. SO cheap! and it cleans really well! a must item for me then. heheh