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First Impressions : Vanity Trove March' 13 :)

This is my FIRST ever experience with a beauty box and its all thanks to Vanity Trove whom had made it all possible. It was indeed a pleasant surprise when VT approached me to try out their beauty box. Thank you ever so much for the opportunity 

So, my 'trove' arrived in a sleek, hardy box (ILOVEBOXES♥) sealed professionally with a plastic cling wrap which acts as a security seal which means you would know if someone else opened your box. A good preventive measure. Especially for pesky siblings or busy bodies. Hehe. Pictures tells better. 

See the air-tight plastic cling wrap?

(puhlease excuse the picture quality and background.
i took the pictures right after i collected it from my college's counter! :D )

Vanity Trove's March Edition!!


Remember this character from Pokemon?
Yep. I admit. 

I shall come up with a different post on why the "slowpoke-ness". 

Ok. On to the products! 

Brand : Lunasol by Kanebo
Product : Skin Fusing Powder Foundation
Retail Price : Casing, with sponge RM60Foundation Refill RM140 (10.5G) 
*Casing & Refill sold separately.

Description : 
Provides a natural coverage & ensures a shine-free appearance with its SPF20 PA++ powder formula. Instead of staying as a thick layer of makeup, the foundation blends and melts into your skin when applied. This smooths out any uneven surfaces and gives you a dewy and radiant complexion!
First Impressions : 
I received a 0.6g sample kit in shade YO02 and after using this foundation about twice with the Lunasol Smoothing Makeup Base, I can say it does provide a natural coverage and was shine-free for about less than 2 hours. Maybe I should try it without the base. Yay for the SPF20++, but I am not so crazy about it as it gave me a whitish cast which is normal for products with high Titanium Dioxide content such as BB creams, foundations (powder-cream-liquid-mousse), makeup bases, etc. Despite it being in Shade YO02 which is supposed to be a perfect match for my NW15-20 skin. It does blend and melt into my skin like a dream! But unfortunately, this powder foundation accentuates dry patches if you have any. After wearing it for 4 hours, my face feels as if there is a layer of oil on my face. YUCK. Must be the Lunasol's make up base which does not work well with my skin. Anyway, I will update here when I use it with my usual face primer. 

Great for dry/normal skin. Not oily/combination skin.
Yippie! Coupons :D
Brand : Bio-Essences
Product : Bird's Nest Bio-Energy Firm & Brighten Eye Cream SPF15
Retail Price : n/a

Description :

Bio-Essence Bird’s Nest Bio-Energy Firm & Brighten Eye Cream SPF15 comes with a unique lifting applicator for firming and brightening eye contour. Its Bio-Energy ingredient increases metabolism and improves blood and oxygen circulation helping to reduce melanin precipitate and eliminates dark circles.

First Impressions : 
I have used it once and I'm sorry to say that I do not like the texture one bit. It was hard to work with, especially with my concealer as I don't use a face primer everyday. No prominent scent. Probably will use it up during the night when I sleep. 

Brand : Timeless Truth Malaysia
Product : Orchid Extract Replenishing Mask
Retail Price : RM10 a piece

Description :

Orchid Extract helps to protect the skin from moisture loss. It also provides calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, nitrogen, and traces of manganese, boron, copper, and zinc.. These natural elements are highly effective skin treatments. The orchid is also a potent aphrodisiac. This rare and beautiful flower is notoriously fragile, and blooms only twice a year.

First Impressions :

I love this mask! Its really helps calm my senses and helped me relaxed with its orchid scent (floral) when I used it just before heading off to bed. My skin was a little more radiant and smoother than usual which was quite impressive. No complaints about this one. Will I repurchase it? YES! Can't wait to RAID their online store here & put that coupon to good use ;)

Brand : Etre Belle Sensiplus 

Product, Retail Price & Description :

Hydrasilk Day & Night Cream (50ml - RM188) : 24-hour moisturizing cream with silk proteins, white tea and pure vegetable ingredients. It protects the sensitive skin against the abuses of environmental elements and relieves itching, cracking due to dryness. This product has no colorant, preservative agents or mineral oils. Use: Apply to the skin in the morning and the evening after Hydrasilk Essential Serum or Hydrasilk Intensive Serum.

Hydrasilk Gel Tonic (140ml - RM138)Harmonizing, soothing and moisturizing gel tonic with white tea, silk proteins and pure vegetable moisturizing factors. This ultra-mild gel tonic is ideal for sensitive skin and has no colorant, preservative agents or mineral oils. Gel Tonic helps to eliminate environmental irritants to the sensitive skin. Use:  Apply to the skin in the morning and the evening after cleansing with Hydrasilk Ultra Mild Cleansing Milk, massage it in gently.

First Impressions :

I have not heard of this skincare brand before but after googling, its a skincare for sensitive skin. Yay, I guess? Anyway, I have not yet tried this duo out yet because I am quite reluctant to test it out on my face as I seriously doubt a small tube would do much for my skin. (-____-)'''
Its wouldn't last more than 2 days as the area of my face is quite big. 
Brand : Asian Potions
Product : Blooming Ginger Hand & Body Lotion
Retail Price : RM89 (250ml)

Description : 

First Impressions : 
When I first opened my box, I got a whiff of a scent which was really sharp at first. I was worried that one of the items leaked, so I quickly dissected my box and searched for the 'leaked' item. In the end, I found the culprit. This little.. cute round lotion. This lotion has an acquired scent which I found unbearable at first, but after awhile it grew on me. I love how this lotion leaves my hands moisturized and also calms me down. Have been flooded with lessons plans, an untouched thesis, so much more work lately. Thus, the delay in reviewing March's trove. Stress-level, 101%. Thank goodness for this little gift. 

In a nutshell, this is my first beauty box. *excited* 
I was quite unpleasantly surprised at the sizes of the items received and wondered how can one pay RM60 for all of these?? Not me for sure. I can get testers from the counters if I'd ask. Okay, not all beauty counters carries testers or they are just being stingy about it. Anyway, good news for you girls!

Vanity Trove has revised their price to RM50 per month/trove!

Check out their website for more accurate details here :

Ogey. I will stop here. Till we meet again :) 


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