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Review : Rapid Lash Eyelash and Eyebrow Enhancing Serum

Ha! Finally. 

Ever since I used mascaras back in 2007, my first mascara being Silkygirl's Lash Prism mascara :D I love how mascaras open up my eyes, giving it an illusion of bigger & sultry eyes. *wink wink*  And of recent, I felt that my lashes weren't thick and long enough. So I googled on how or ways to make my eyelashes grow naturally without causing my wallet a big hole. I am totally hopeless in fake eyelashes and up to date, I only wore it twice in a span of 2 years (2010 - 2012). Haha! 

So I stumbled on this lash serum from (a US website) and this had 918 reviews & rated 4 out of 5 stars! (as checked on 9/2). I'm WHAT IS THIS?? Clicked on it and read the reviews. My eyes were furiously scrolling through the reviews, looking for a reason for me not to purchase this magic serum. But no avail. When I converted the price to Malaysian ringgit, I was stopped in my tracks for a while.

Then I came to find that SHINS carried this product at their website here : SHINS Malaysia. I felt that I struck a gold mine! Once again, the price tag manages to stop me from clicking 'buy'. Or even 'add to cart'. Oh the woe. Anyway, I navigated to their Facebook page and it so happened that they were promoting Rapid Lash and were giving out free products to be reviewed. Oh how I jumped for joy and quickly email them my details. *tears of joy*

Okay. Story ends here.

Now I shall draw your attention to the product :
I would like to start off with reviewing its packaging. The Rapid Lash Eyelash Enhancing Serum comes in a shape of a typical mascara packaging with a smooth, matte surface. Its aluminium-alike body making it lightweight, sturdy and easy to bring around.

Made in the USA by International Research Laboratories.
Below are the information about Rapid Lash which can be found at their website.



  • A cosmetic product that is clinically proven to be safe and effective
  • Proven to boost the look of your lashes and brows
  • Affordable – Unlike other products at $100 to $175, RapidLash sells for only $49.95!
  • Infused with a potent blend of polypeptides
  • For a complete ingredient list, please see Frequently Asked Questions section.

It has a mascara like wand but its tip is a slim brush which helps ease application  close to the lash line.
I am not so crazy about the wand it came with as I would prefer a wand that has a comb-like similarities. It is just a personal preference as I find wands with brush or comb ends, applies better by helping even the product out better.  

For the ingredients and before you ask me questions such as "Is it safe to use?", "Does it irritate the eye?" & all the factual questions you can think of. Do have a look here at their website's FAQ answering questions from ingredients and medical related issues. They should provide a more accurate answer than me!

Below is a collage of pictures taken over time from the Week 1 to Week 6.
Left Eye : Top right : Week 1 
Right Eye 
Apologies for the poor quality pictures. When I first started out this challenge, I was not technologically prepared. I only had my Samsung Ace camera phone to take the initial stages and when it was week 6, I decided to give in ask my bf to lend his compact camera. #behtahan

: Process :
I used this product for about 6 weeks and to be honest, I didn't apply it every night as suggested as there were nights I just couldn't be bothered because I was exhausted. But I did use the serum for about 13 days constructively, I do see results as my eyelashes were slightly longer and my mascara application became much easier.
Note : By not applying constructively for 6 weeks, nothing bad will happen except it will merely slow down the process. Which means that you won't be able to see the results fast. 

: Aftermath :
Now, I have stopped using the serum entirely for about 1-2 months and I did not experience any eyelash loss nor my eyelashes reverted back to its normal sad state. This is the part that got me going,
"OOH. AHH. Interesting..."
*stroking my chin*"

I did not suffer from any allergic reaction which is surprising. Because I have sensitive eyes & I'm a contact lens wearer. Just last year, I had to change my lens solution from Baush & Lomb to Oxysept Hydrogen Peroxide Disinfection System as my eyes are allergic or reacts badly to preservatives. 

: Overall :
I'm glad to announce that, this serum WORKS. 
But then again, please note that the results varies from individuals as no human being on earth is the exact same :) 

To purchase the Rapid Lash serum, click here.
To read more about Rapid Lash - website.
Follow Shins Malaysia for upcoming offers or promotions, here.

This product provided by Shins Malaysia for reviewing purposes, nevertheless it does not affect my approach towards the product. The review is based on my honest opinion and experience using it. 
Sarah :) 

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