Saturday, 9 February 2013

How Tickled are you when it comes to the color Pink?

The size of the eyeshadow
Front Cover - Gold Embossed 'Milani'

As you can see, it is quite a pretty big pan of a whopping 3.1g of  pressed powder! It is slightly larger in size if compared to the MAC Paint Pots. The packaging is made of sturdy plastic and hard plastic cover to cushion accidental drops. *gasps* You wouldn't want to do that on purpose now, would ya? I rather not test it on my purchase. No thank you.

The size is just nice for you to hold it in your palm, not too small nor too big. Making it easy to open and close without fumbling. So far, I have not experience any dissatisfaction using it and it gave me no problem at all physically speaking.

Now, on to the product itself.

Based on the swatches I seen online, it swatched really well showing it glorious pigmentation. But when I swatched it, I must admit I was like, "Uh, that was it?". Most importantly, the colour did show up quite well on one swatch. But not enough to make me go, OMGEEEE.

The texture is quite powdery as you can see the picture below :

 In my opinion, it applies averagely smoothly but a little base might help in this area to keep it in place. 

Now, onto the colour. This is the MAIN reason why I purchased it. It strongly reminds me of my Smashbox Trio Eyeshadow in Headshot where the I'm in love with the pink shade called Golden Orchid. The color has a very pretty golden sheen to it which makes in unique and wearable for warm toned girls. ITSOPRETTYIMMAGONNADAIIII 

Okay, since I was playing around with this shade. I decided why not let you girls see how you can bring your favourite eyeshadows to life with a simple thing called, a base. My little wee project consist of :
  • Urban Decay Primer Potion
  • MAC Paint Pot in Painterly
  • MAC Paint Pot in Bare Study
  • MAC Paint Pot in Rubensque 
  • MAC Paint Pot in Groundwork
  • MAC Paint Pot in Constructivist 
  • Milani Powder Eyeshadow in Tickled Pink
  • ELF Essentials Eyeshadow Brush
  • ELF Studio Concealer Brush
  • Konad Cosmetics Drawing Style Eyeliner in Black


Below are the swatches on the primer & base.
  • Ori - Eyeshadow w/o primer or base
  • UD - Urban Decay Primer Potion
  • P - Painterly
  • BS - Bare Study
  • R - Rubensque 
  • G - Groundwork
  • C - Construtivist

From the pictures, you can tell this little gem shines the brightest with MAC Paint Pot in Bare Study & Rubensque :) Somehow UDPP & Painterly just kills the color by making it look flat and pink, toning down its beautiful golden sheen. It can be paired with Groundwork & Constructivist for a pink-brown smokey eye which I have been loving for sometime now. It is a match-made in heaven.

OVERALL : The unique shade it is this eyeshadows' saving grace and honestly, it is a beautiful piece to own and wear for days you wanna look extra sweet. So are you tickled yet? 

Would love to hear from you girls :)
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