Monday, 20 January 2014

Review : Reacheer Camellia Whitening & Purifying Protective Cream

Gone are the days where I used to run in the sun and absorb the heatwaves and UV rays.
But still, I am exposed to the sun. *dramatic hiss*

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Hold your thoughts right there. Don't go all Twilight on me now.

Alright, I do not want to look like a ghost or pale as a white pillar.
But who does not want an even skintone and a bighter or fairer looking skin? 

Description and instructions in English.
Ingredients in Chinese.

A badly translated version about Reacheer 
I have been using Reacheer Camellia Whitening & Purifying Protective Cream for about 5-6 times now and so far, it has not broke out on me (PHEW!) or irritated my skin. This product has not been officially launched on Silkapple's website yet and I was given to test it out. Wee! Here is the information provided by Silkapple regarding the usage of this product :
It works as a pre-makeup product, best if used daily after skincare and before the make up (before foundation). It helps to prevent the effects of city and air pollution and also help protect the skin from any effects the make up may cause. 

Sounds like an awesome product, yes? I personally like the protecting my skin from the effects of using make up. HMM. Sounds like my product!

I replaced my usual primer with Reacheer Camellia Whitening & Purifying Protective Cream after moisturizer and used BB cream/foundation after as I felt it would feel too heavy. I dare not claim it works as a primer but so far, it works okay for me. I shall update here when I experiment it with primer + foundation.

Details : 
  • Price : n/a
  • Availability : Silkapple
  • Not limited edition. 
First Impression/Review :

  • It covers up pores very well. In fact, better than some of my primers. 
  • I noticed that my skin produced less oil or it slows down the sebum secretion hence helping my makeup stay on a little longer if compared to my other primers. 
  • It does not irritate my sensitive skin.
  • The packaging seems expensive and does not feel or look 'cheap'. I love the fact it comes in a sleek tube and sharp tip so that I am able to control the amount of product when I press it. 
  • The size of the tube is great for travelling as it is not bulky. 
  • This is not really a deal-breaker but I don't fancy the slight sticky feeling after application. I noticed that the sticky feeling slowly fades off within in an hour. 
Will I repurchase it? Not sure. Will update here once I finish the tube :)  

Who will love it?
  • All skin types. 
  • Those who wears makeup daily or is out and about daily exposed to traffic/dust/sun/etc.  
  • Anyone who loves their skin and would do anything to protect it. 
Who will hate it?
  • Those who are lazy to use facial products or makeup. LOL
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Thank you for reading!

Sarah :)


  1. I do wonder if it works with people with acne and acne scars :o
    this is an interesting product indeed~

    1. Good question, Syaza. My skin is quite sensitive, easily irritated.
      So far, it works fine on me. But I strongly believe that, "no two snowflake is the same" :)