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Review : Ferrmina Eye Shadow in Urban Jungle

Hello girls! 

I shall not bore you with more words but just a quick introduction to this product, it was sponsored by Silkapple Taiwan - a brand new and upcoming online beauty retailer which I mentioned in this post.

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Information and pictures obtained from Silkapple

Ingredients (I can't read Chinese)
Product seal

The palette is about the size of my palm.

Description of each shade : 
  • Top left : A soft bubblegum pink with obvious silver glitters. Sheen finish. 
  • Bottom left : A soft earthy taupe with a tinge of gold with visible gold shimmers. Sheen finish. 
  • Top right : A beautiful brown with a red base with very fine shimmers. Sheen finish. 
  • Bottom right : A gorgeous beige gold with very fine shimmers. Sheen finish. 
These two are my favourite shades from the palette!

Please excuse the stray hair. It's quite a challenge to take your own pictures!
For the natural/daily look, in the picture above I used :  
  1. Beige/Gold shade all over my eyelids.
  2. Applied the beautiful brown shade close to my lashline. 
  3. Framed my eyes using the Reacheer Easy-Hand-Painted Eyeliner in Black. 
  4. Coated my eyelashes with Reacheer Slim Mascara Lash. 
Details : 
  • Price : RM53.00
  • Availability : Silkapple
  • Not limited edition. 
Review :

This palette has managed to snag me away from my other palettes at the moment. Sorry darlings! 

Let's talk about the packing first. The whole thing is made out of plastic which is both good and bad - its good because its lightweight hence travel friendly, its bad because it feels cheap (youknowwhatImean). Despite it feeling 'cheap', at the first glance it does not look like a palette from a night market. I'm happy to report the built of the palette is relatively sturdy and had no difficulty in opening/closing the lid. 

Next up, the texture. Honestly, I have not encountered such texture in all of my collection of eyeshadows before (those of you who know me, you know what an eyeshadow freak I am). It is slightly powdery but it has a buttery feel to it. When I first swatched it on my arm, it went on smooth like.. butter. ERMAGD. Not forgetting the luxurious sheen it gives when the light touches it. It's a little difficult to explain but imagine all those actresses on screen, their 'natural' makeup looks so believable -especially the eyeshadows. I know they are using eyeshadows but it looks like its not there. This eyeshadow gives that effect! 

Longevity. These eyeshadows can be used without an eye primer. Trust me when I say so as my eyelids are coated with a film of oil after 2 hours. Those who invented eye primers, may God bless your souls. The eyeshadows did not crease on me but it did fade a little after 12hours of wear with no eye primer/base.

The shades. I'm not so crazy about the soft pink shade as it has obvious chunks of glitter but it works great for the corner of my eyes to give that wide-awake effect (much needed especially for a night bird like me). The beige gold shade has just won itself the seat of my FAVOURITE everyday eyeshadow. Look at that beautiful, natural looking sheen! As for the brown shade, where have you been all my life? I had been searching high and low for a brown eyeshadow with a red base that compliments my skintone and does not make me look like I got punched in the eye. PERFECT. I have not gotten the chance to use the soft earthy taupe in my combo yet as I just had the palette for 6 - 7 days. Give me more time to experiment ;) 

The only thing that bugs me is the.. price (I'm not working, so naturally that would be my first deal breaker). But after using it, I personally think its worth it.

All in all, this palette is now my current favourite and I have been using it everyday ever since I gotten it. It's so.. me :) The other shades looks tempting, especially the purple. HMM. 

Will I repurchase it? Hell YES. But I doubt I would finish it anytime soon! Haha. 

Who will love it?
  • Nude/Natural/Earthy eyeshadow collectors. 
  • A busy student/working lady. (The shades are really no brainer. Swipe it on and you are good to go!) 
  • Anyone who wants to achieve that 'natural' look. (You but better) 
  • Myself. (HA!) 
Who will hate it?
  • Matte eyeshadow lovers. (It's okay to cheat (; )
It's available in two other shades as well :
Left : Ferrmina Eyeshadow in Provence
Right : Ferrmina Eyeshadow in Blue Lover
Okay, I know this is quite a lengthy and wordy post but I just had to share awesome products with you!
Let me know what you think!

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  1. Oohh. love the colours :o
    I agree this might be suitable for a busy working lady XD

    1. Hahaha! Yes the colours are lovely and this palette is my latest to-go palette :)