Friday, 10 January 2014

Review : Reacheer Easy-Hand-Painted Eyeliner

As they say once you go Black, you will never go back.
I have never quite liked gel liners. My very first gel liner was from Maybelline and I dislike it. 
Smudges on me like there's no tomorrow by transferring itself onto my upper eyelids.

Sorry Maybelline, I love you and your mascaras but not the gel liner.

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Information and picture obtained from Silkapple.

I received this Reacheer Easy-Hand-Painted Eyeliner in Black from Silkapple Taiwan to review which I mentioned it here. Ever since I gotten this gel liner, my liquid eyeliners has taken a seat back (a vacation!). To be honest, I am very skeptical about gel liners and pencil eyeliners as most of them in the market smudges on me and girl, it is not a pretty sight.

Details : 
  • Price : RM40.00
  • Availability : Silkapple
  • Not limited edition. 
Review :


  • It's long wearing. Fades off after a good 8 hours wear. 
  • Can be used without an eye primer. Tried and test! PASS WITH FLYING COLOURS! 
  • Does not smudge or transfer onto my upper eyelids. But note that I used an eyeshadow (without any eye primer/base) to even out my eyelids. 
  • I tested the gel liner under a running tap and it did not budge. It budged after I rubbed it vigorously and even with that, there is no ugly black ink smearing everywhere - it was a 'clean' wash. PLUS POINT for those who have watery eyes! 
  • The shade is matte black with no blue/green/grey tones to it. Pure black. Yummeh. 
  • It comes in a embossed glass jar which feels and looks luxurious but the screw top is made of plastic and unfortunately the plastic feels flimsy but so far, no problems with getting it shut tight. 
  • Comes with a sturdy and quality brush! The brush works fine but I prefer using my Sonia Kashuk bent eyeliner brush. 
  • I am proud to say the packaging is sturdy because I dropped it about twice (by accident!) and there are no cracks. 
  • My sensitive eyes has no reaction to the gel liner and it does not irritate my eyes with or without contact lenses.
  • It is reasonably price if compared to the available gel liner in our local market. Slightly cheaper too.
  • The texture is slightly tricky to apply but maybe its just me as I have not been using gel liners for about two years. 
  • None that I can think of at the moment. 
Will I repurchase it? Yes. But I doubt I would finish it anytime soon. Hehe. 

Who will love it?
  • Oily eyelids. 
  • People who tears easily. 
  • Anyone who loves jet black eyeliners.  
Who will hate it?
  • People who don't like Black eyeliners.
  • People who are always in the rush. 
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Will you be getting it? 
Have you used it before?
Let me know what are your thoughts.

Thank you for reading!

Sarah :) 

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