Saturday, 16 February 2013

Review : Colors Cosmetics Malaysia Flat Top Foundation Brush

Hey girls, 

Here is the long-awaited review is finally done! Phew. 

I have been using this Flat Top Brush by Colors Cosmetics Malaysia for about a month now and quite frequently as well which I am quite confident in doing a full review on this little baby. The review starts after this jump! 
Meet Colors Cosmetics Malaysia (quite a mouthful, so I shall shorten it to CCM throughout this review. Hee.)'s newest creation - the Short Handle Flat Top Foundation Brush. Very similar to Sigma's F80 eh? 
TADA! So cute yet super functional.
Please excuse the extremely chipped off nail polish. >_>
The size fits in my palm just nicely! 
Similar characteristics as the Sigma F80 with its metal handle holding the bristles and  body firmly together.
Sleek, short, black body with CCM's sticker logo on it!
Can't wait for an embossed on version of this. I bet it would look more cool with it :)

Compacted, soft and kinda-even surface bristles.
Thick and packed bristles. Great for buffing in your foundation!
Please excuse the dirty picture as I have a reason for it! >,<
A side by side visual comparison with my Sigma F80. 
 Okay, now to the facts :-

Price : 
Its is currently selling at RM55. Postage fees varies from WM/EM. 

Availability :
Currently only available online in their online store (here). 

According to information provided by CCM on this brush :
CCM says : The brush is modeled after the quality of the F80 Flat Top Kabuki by Sigma. The length of the bristles are almost exactly the same. However, we improvised it to be denser so it can pickup more product.
Sarah says : Yep, it feels almost quite luxurious as my Sigma F80. As for the density, it is slightly more dense than my Sigma F80 but somehow I don't see how it affects my foundation/BB cream application drastically. 
Left : Sigma F80.
Right : CCM Flat Top Foundation Brush
CCM says : Bristles are synthetic fibers, that means its halal. 
Sarah says: Kudos to CCM for thinking long-term in order to survive in our Malaysian market. Its an everything-friendly brush for every Malaysian girls to use ;)
CCM says : We hand checked each brush, however, the bristles do tend to shed during the first wash, it should stop shedding after the 2nd-3rd wash.
Sarah says : The brush I received was in excellent condition except for the fact that the surface of the bristles is not even. As you can see there are some bristles sticking out. Based on my observation when I washed it for the first time before using, there was no color or weird smell released (which is good) but there are some loose bristles here and there as highlighted on their page. It is a good thing that they have highlighted that fact, so that we as consumers know what to expect and not be turned-off by being caught off-guard. 
CCM says : The brush is easier to use due to the shorter length of the handle and closer proximity to the face. Asian hands are typically smaller, so short handle is actually a better option as it gives more control during blending. 
Sarah says : I was intrigue by this brush and to be honest, it stands out as a foundation from most brushes I have seen online it is solely because of the brush's short handle. I don't find any problems with my current F80 brush's length but the short handle does help ease application when it comes to applying foundation close up in front the mirror (whenever I don't use my contact lenses. @_@ ). 
*Off -topic* I wished that CCM would come up with a quality eyeliner brush or eye brushes line with sturdy, short handles as well as I face problems trying to draw my gel liner whenever I go up close to the mirror especially times where I don't use my contact lenses. #blindasabat 
PROs :
  1. Does not have any dye-bleed.
  2. No weird chemical smell after wash.
  3. SUPER convenient for traveling. (brought this brush to Malacca for CNY!) 
  4. Easy to clean and DRY. 
  5. Does not shed after 2-3 wash. 
  6. Excellent customer service provided by CCM. 
  7. Uses less products. 
  8. Malaysian made! *Proud*
CONs : 
  1. Price.
    Personally, I think it is quite pricey for a Malaysian made brand when you can get your hands on Sigma's for about RM 60-70 with/without postage fees. What I am trying to say is, to compete against a brand like Sigma which is an internationally renowned brand, hailed and raved by thousands, if not millions of beauty gurus and bloggers slapped across all over the internet is indeed challenging. I wouldn't say that it is not worth the price but if I can get my paws on Sigma. I would pass the CCM's brush. Sigma has a fine marketing team, same goes for Urban Decay making girls of all shapes and sizes covet or lust over almost every single thing they release. It is SCARY. I fear for my bank account. (T______T)
  2. Quality.
    After using this brush for about 15-20 times (yes, I use foundation/bb cream quite frequently due to my bad skin nowadays. Sigh.). It does slowly reveal its 'age' or wear signs. If CCM carefully experiment and get constructive feedback from users, I am very certain they will be able to find the PERFECT formula to come up with brush that will give Sigma a run for their money :P
Sarah's conclusion (I bet you'd be thinking, FINALLY right?) :
I love this brush, but not as much as my Sigma F80. (IAMSORWEEE). 

I'd switch usage between this brush and my Sigma but somehow found that I would still go back to CCM's Flat Top more often as its convenient when it came to application and it has cut down my foundation application time by half. Plus, I used to use about 2-3 pumps of foundation when I used my fingers to apply my foundation.

Plus, it is easy to clean and dry especially living in a hostel when I don't have air-conditioned rooms to speed up the drying time. Besides that, I do move around a lot or do a lot of 'internal' travelling from hostel to home to friend's place to home back to hostel. Whew. It is indeed travel-friendly, taking up less space in my make up pouch. SCORE! 

Would Sarah repurchase?
Yes. Yes and Yes. Support QUALITY Malaysian made brands! 

Sarah recommends to :
  • Beauty and cosmetic lovers of all ages :) 
  • Working ladies/students who travels from WM to EM or EM to WM or anywhere in the world. More luggage space for other stuff. Hehehe. 
  • Make up artists who needs a quick fix for their customers/models. 
Sarah rates this brush : ♥, A- 

How about you? Have you heard of this brush?
If yes, how do you find it?

Comment away!


Sarah :) 

Disclaimer : This brush was provided by CCM for reviewing purposes but it has not in anyway affect my view and experience towards this product. My review is 100% based on my own honest opinion after using this product for about more than 6 weeks.  


  1. Great review. Now I feel like I have to get the sigma f80 that I've heard so much about. Where did you get yours?

    1. Hi there skinfrosting! :)

      I got my Sigma F80 sometime ago and really can't remember which online spree I followed as it was a one time thing.