Monday, 25 January 2016

Hello! err.. 2016?


            Wow. It has many moons since I last blogged an entry. I am truly sorry for leaving you in the dark for so long. There are so many emotions, memories, thoughts, rants I want to share. All of them contained inside of me, bursting at the seams. But every time when I get the chance to do so, something comes up.

          I just completed my second semester of my Masters’ Degree and I hope to (no, damn well need to) start my dissertation as soon as possible. It was a packed and trying semester as the learning curve was painfully steep and I literally felt I was struggling to swim in the middle of the Pacific Ocean with only an orange, doughnut float that is keeping me from drowning.

          But I managed to pull through and learnt how to piece the parts of research from scratch and managed to not fail any of my continuous assessments. Now with silent prayers laced with immense fear and hope, I am waiting for my exam results hoping I won’t have to repeat both papers. 

          As the wise Maya Angelou once said, “Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better” - After discovering this quote, I felt some sense of relief and calmness. It hit a cord within me and its unlike any those quotes that says, “YOU CAN DO IT” or “AIM FOR THE STARS” etc. Her advice is a logical and achievable target, doing the best that you can until you know how to do it better. Something all struggling postgraduate students need to acknowledge and understand.

          Well, I shall put my personal entry on hold for now and share with you on what happened last Thursday in my next post. See ya! :D  

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