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News: Physicians Formula Media Launch

If you are a hardcore beauty addict, I guess you will know all about who and what this brand is. 
If the name sounds foreign to you, fret not. I shall story you.

I have personally known of the brand, Physicians Formula (PF), for about 6 years now ever since I started going serious with makeup. But back then, it was extremely tough to get their products as it was only available in the US and other parts of the world except Malaysia. One of the ways I am aware of on obtaining PF products are through US Sprees which was quite popular on Lowyat forums back then, or if you have a relative or friend visiting or living in the US, then you can get them to help purchase. Anyway, away with the tedious and painful long waits! PF has finally graced our humble shores and into one of our most popular pharmacies/local drugstores, exclusively at Watsons. 

Who & What is Physicians Formula?

It is said that the birth of Physicians Formula was from, the seed of love. According to PF's website, Physicians Formula's founding father, Dr. Frank Crandall, was an eminent allergist. His beloved wife had sensitive skin and probably most cosmetics back then terrorized her poor skin. It is because of her and his love for her, he created a unique line of cosmetics that changed the face of cosmetics. Fuh, drama. 

PF's claim

Physicians Formula's Media Launch in Malaysia

On the 21st of January 2016, Physicians Formula had their media launch at EIG. The event area was fairly spacious and the decorations were put together prettily and they had food, oh yes. Food. I mean, refreshments. Food is important, ok. 

I did not manage to get great photos and catch the names of the important people who officiated the event but I will leave them for the newspapers/magazines to cover. I shall cover the most important part, the makeup itself. Teehee. 

FYI: All photos were taken with my One Plus One hand phone camera. 

After the pink balloons were released.

To be honest, I was glad that Physicians Formula took the effort to set up makeup stations filled with their products for us to try and swatch to our heart's content! But unfortunately, the lighting was bad and it didn't help that my phone's camera couldn't pick up the colours well or do it justice. So no swatches this time round darlings. Sorry! I will try to invest in a good camera when I see a good deal. Any recommendations? :) 

About their products, I helped Jessica from JessytheKLChic with her makeup using Physicians Formula products. The products used were: 

  • Organic wear® 100% Natural Origin CC Color + Correction Cream SPF 20 in Light/Medium.
  • Youthful Wear™ Cosmeceutical Youth-Boosting Concealer in Light/Light.
  • Youthful Wear™ Cosmeceutical Youth-Boosting Illuminating Face Powder in Creamy Natural.

  • Shimmer Strips Custom Bronzer, Blush & Eye Shadow
  • Eye Booster™2-in-1 Lash Boosting Felt-Tip Eyeliner + Serum 

All I can do is give my first impression on the products I have used. This is not a review but my initial thoughts of the products. 

ProductsShadesInitial Thoughts
Organic wear® 100% Natural Origin CC Color + Correction Cream SPF 20 Light/MediumThe consistency is light but not very runny. Light coverage but enough to even out the skin if your skin does not have a lot of imperfections. I would use this on my good skin days but that rarely happens.
Youthful Wear™ Cosmeceutical Youth-Boosting ConcealerLight/LightIts consistency is fairly thick. Not thin and runny which is a good thing because you want coverage for dark circles under your eyes. You will have to warm it up first at the back of your hand for an even and smooth application. You will need to be careful to not apply too much as it can be quite cakey or look like an eye mask gone wrong.
Youthful Wear™ Cosmeceutical Youth-Boosting Illuminating Face Powder Creamy NaturalThis powder was love at first sight. I love how the powder is finely milled and it goes on smoothly on top of the CC Cream. It didn't leave the skin feeling extremely matte. It felt silky and gives a soft-looking finish. I was so in love with it that I bought one for myself!
Shimmer Strips Custom Bronzer, Blush & Eye ShadowCan't recallThere wasn't any eyeshadows around so I used this as eyeshadows on Jessica's eyes. Boy, this needs brushes because I tried using my fingers and it didn't budge. So I had to use my little finger's nail to scrape a little off the surface to get some powder out. But the shades are beautiful if you love shimmery eyeshadows. The shimmer is made of fine particles, it looks more like a sheen. It is not like the Japanese/Korean kind of shimmery where there's fallouts.
Eye Booster™2-in-1 Lash Boosting Felt-Tip Eyeliner + SerumBlackOne of the liquid eyeliners that actually looks black. It's a pretty okay liquid eyeliner but I wouldn't recommend it if you don't like huge felt tips or have small-shaped eyes. Nothing to shout about. 

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I made new friends!
From the left: Jessica, me, Aliza Sara, Jessica's friend (sorry dear, I forgot your name!! T^T)
ERMAGD, you gotta love the app B612! Made my skin look extra glowy! So ridiculous.
My #eotd of the day.
Was supposed to be inspired by the Pantone colours of the year but it ended up looking like a unicorn inspired look. HAHA.
Find out what products I used for this look from my Instagram: @lashesandstrokes

Have you tried Physicians Formula's products? 
Which one is your favourite?
Share with me in the comments below! :D

Sarah :)

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