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Review : Makeup Academy Love Hearts Lip Balm in Great Lips

Love and heart your lips,
For they are the only ones you have.
Lipbalm them with tender loving care,
To achieve Great Lips!

Yes, I know it is a very sad attempt at the play of words. Admittedly, my poetic side has become extremely rusty ever since I started uni resulting from lack of reading. Read more books, people! Will try to be better next time :)

Do you know that Makeup Academy UK, fondly known as MUA in the blogsphere sells lipsticks, eyeliners, eyeshadows, and mascaras as low as RM5? I kid you not. MUA was my very 'first' overseas online shopping experience. When I looked them up and converted the prices, let's just say the rest is history and... 

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 Love Hearts x Makeup Academy collaborated resulting these limited edition, collectable potted lipbalms. Besides appearance, these cute and sturdy pots pack a punch with its moisturising formula and a hint of colour making it a must have item in every girl's purse or dressing table. Love Hearts Lip Balm's family consists of 5 wearable colours ranging from pastel pinks to coral reds.

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Review :

When I first received it, I was quite impressed with its sturdy packaging. Opened it with excitement and gave it a whiff  - a very candy-like scent filled my nostrils. To me, the scent was overwhelming at first because of personal preferences. I personally do not fancy candy or sweet scents, I am more of a floral, ocean, musky kind-of-girl. Okay, gotta work on my description of scents. So if you find candy-like scents softens your senses, makes you feel like girl/woman (whatever makes you happy) and you love it, this is the lipbalm for you! 

Application wise, I dabbed and spread it out on my lips with my ring finger. This is the part where it gets tricky. I am happy to share that this lipbalm does not leave your fingers sticky, waxy or oily even after wiping it off with a tissue. This is a must have, especially for potted lip products. This factor won't bother you if you always carry a lip brush with you wherever you go. 

Is it moisturizing? Yes. Hydrating, not really. It moisturizes but if you have flaky, chapped lips, this lip balm won't help much. You should be looking for something that can help soothe and hydrate at the same time. The formula of this lip balm covers for normal usage - girls with occasionally dry lips. The culprit of dry, chapped lips is air-conditioning and lack of H2o. The best thing I love about this lip balm is the pigmentation of colour for a lipbalm. This is one of the very few lip balms that is actually pigmented and it gives a hint of colour.  

Unfortunately it is no longer available on MUA's website but you can still grab this cute lip balm from

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