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Review : Makeup Academy F3 Concealer Brush Review

Sorry Andriod, it's not a sword. It's a Makeup Academy F3 Concealer Brush.
As much as I tried to like or make this concealer brush to work, it just did not work for me.
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Close up on the 'neck' and bristles
The brand label is printed on at the end of the brush
Comparison with my favourite concealer brush from Ecotools
Makeup Academy's description of their F3 Concealer Brush


Based on the pictures above and the comparison with my Ecotools Concealer Brush, Makeup Academy F3 Concealer brush is extremely small and thin in size. The bristles are soft but it's super thin that when I used it to even out my concealer under my eyes, it leaves my concealer streaky and I had to use my fingers to even it out instead. This is an epic failure on Makeup Academy's side as it described its F3 Concealer Brush as,
"The rounded flat shape makes this brush ideal to concealer the under the eye area for precision application and blending of all concealer formulas." - Uh, nope. 
Which the F3 Concealer Brush fails miserably because of its size. This is a child/petite's concealer brush

Makeup Academy goes on describing and sharing on how to use the concealer brush, 
"Use F3 concealer brush to apply three dots of concealer under the eyes. Synthetic brushes are ideal for blending liquid makeup and the bristles don't absorb as much product as brushes made from natural hair. Dab at the concealer until it's completely blended to get right under the lash line. Dab at the inner corner of the eye next to the nose. Lighten up this area to make deep-set eyes appear more balanced. "
To give some justice to this brush, I tried to apply and even out the concealer on my spots and scars. The results were just okay. Nothing to shout about. With it's size, for girls who are experiences breakouts or tons of scars, this brush will take hours - okay, not hours but a pretty long time to even out your concealer which makes it time-consuming

The only good thing about it that it is cruelty free and it's bristles is synthetic making it suitable for almost all skin types. Plus being synthetic, it is safe for our Muslim sisters to use it without worries. Since this brush is so small, I experimented it and used it as a lip brush instead. Yes, it's that small and it worked better as a lip brush! So this brush is not exactly without any use. 


This brush is great, if you -

  • experience pesky pimples once in awhile. 
  • find some concealer brushes too big to your liking
  • plan to use it as a lip brush like me
  • want a concealer brush that does not break your bank (to be honest, the ELF Studio Concealer Brush works so much better than this one, and its affordable.)
Avoid this brush if you - 
  • are looking for blending out your concealer effortlessly 
  • love your money (okay, that's harsh)
  • are always pressing for time
  • want a concealer brush that actually helps conceal your facial imperfections.
Dear readers, if you are looking for a concealer brush that does not break your budget - do look for ELF Studio Brushes. They are extremely affordable yet it does as it says. 

Availability and Pricing

This F3 Concealer Brush is only available in the UK and not in Malaysia. But you can obtain other Makeup Academy products on which carries this brand and they also carry a wide range of brands such as ELF and 25 other brands!
It's priced at £1.95 or RM16 at 

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Website :

Thank you for reading!

Sarah :)

Disclaimer : This is a sponsored product but it does not affect my personal experience or opinion.

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