Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Unboxing Vanity Trove Flexi!

FINALLY, I got around to do a write up about this awesome box. 
Had been having writer's block of late due to many reasons. 
Shall overcome it!

Anyway, remember my post about Vanity Trove going flexi?
If you have not read it, read it here.

So technically, this new feature is called "My VanityTrove - Customize It!" on the website - view it here.
I was offered by VT to tryout this new concept and I LIKE IT.

Below are the products I have selected back then :

1. Talika Paris Lipocils Expert, 2ml
Women dream of being able to seduce with a simple bat of lashes.Thanks to TALIKA, the expert in eyelash care since 1948, this dream is at last within our reach. Infinitely long, intensely colored and delicately curled eyelashes.TALIKA’s LIPOCILS® has pioneered treatments for eyelashes, and was even the forerunner in this new category of products which is now everywhere. Developed 60 years ago, its handy design and efficacy have made it a winner with womenThe proof: OVER 4 MILLION units have been sold since the year 2000!LIPOCILS® extends the eyelashes by up to 2.4mm in 1 month... and women can’t go wrong with it!
After 28 days of applying LIPOCILS EXPERT®, your eyelashes could grow an extra 4.1mm* (+2.4mm on average, or +36%).* Clinical trial carried out on 30 volunteers by a team of researchers from the Paris Hospitals"My lashes grew in just 28 days !"+36% longer*+50% darker*+50% curlier**Clinical Test – 30 volunteers – 28 days
Complex of 12 plants, peptide expert, coleus forskohlii, Silk protein
- Apply to the root of makeup-free lashes before applying mascara- For one month in the morning and e vening, and then once a day all year round.
*information taken from Talika website
First Impression: 
The reason why I selected this product is because I am very intrigue by lash-growing serums (my poor, weak Asian lashes don't stand a chance when mascara is used almost daily.). So far, I have tried Rapid Lash - read review here and it worked for me. I have finished the product and now my lashes actually sustained its results up till today.

I have not tried this product yet as I really want to provide a proper review on this with pictures and all. It shall be on my blog but not so soon (unless I have sudden urge to review it). Ha.

2. Benefit the POREfessional 

"PRO balm to minimize the appearance of pores."
Review : 
Actually... I have the full-sized product which I purchased with my own allowance from Sephora as my cousin who is currently residing in the UK recommended it. I selected this product because its good and since its a travel/tester-sized product, I am reserving it for travels or to keep it in my makeup pouch just in case I am in the rush!

I have been using the Porefessional Balm for about 3-4 months now and have no complaints. 

It does not :
- irritate my skin (most important!)
- clog my pores (technically whatever you put on your face clogs your pores if there's no proper removal. just sayin'!)
- cause my skin to breakout in whiteheads, blackheads, pimples, etc. (PLUS POINT) 

It does : 
- control my sebum to an extent. (max 5-6 hours)
- gives my skin a smoother appearance, poreless. 
- help my powder foundation/bb cream/foundation application to be applied evenly. 

I tried using it on its own after moisturizer, oil control dropped to 2-3 hours depending on environment. For best results, use it as a makeup base. It fares better with BB creams (Dr.Wu Acnecur Mattify Blemish Balm Cream) and foundation (Revlon Colorstay Foundation 24hrs, MAC Matchmaster Foundation & Bourjois 123 Perfect Liquid Foundation) rather than powder foundation (I'm using ZA Perfect Fit Two-Way Foundation, awesome stuff).

P.S. There are counterfeit products of Benefit out there online & offline. Please be careful when you are not purchasing it from flagship stores or counters. 

3. Mandom Bifesta Eye Makeup Remover

Have been using ever since I received the box around close to the last week of August.
I have been avoiding waterproof mascaras for sometime now as I really dislike the dry, straw-like, sickly appearance it gives to my lashes. But when I use it, I have this awesome makeup remover to help me remove it with ease! *more pictures coming up*

4. TT Mask Orchid Extract Replenshing Mask

This mask is the very reason why I stopped purchasing random facial masks from Sasa or Watsons. 
It does not leave a sticky residue after removing the mask and it does calms & brightens the skin after using it. Love the scent and how it leaves my skin plump & revitalized! 
I shall stock up on these mask soon! 

5. Skinlab Tilley Goat Milk Bar Soap 

Remember this product? I have reviewed here in the Vanity Trove's May Edition

6. Avene Eau Thermale Very High Protection Emulsion SPF50

Have not gotten around to test it out yet. Yes, when it comes to facial products you'll have to give me sometime to get around it as my skin is sensitive and breaks out quite easily. Sometimes I have to give it a rest from makeup & facial products. Will update it here once I have used it :) 

Ingredients for the TT Mask

Well, that's all for now and I'm actually in a rush to get ready to go out. Sigh. Till next time! But not forgetting,


Disclaimer : This beauty box was sponsored by Vanity Trove but it does not affect the integrity of my views/thoughts/impressions/reviews. 

Thank you for reading,
Sarah <3

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