Thursday, 7 November 2013

Etude House's Sweeties Club November Promotion Haul

Hello ladies!

Just last week, Etude House Malaysia has sent their fans into a frenzy causing 'OM*G' moments on their Facebook wall by posting this :

This sale runs only on Fridays to Sundays till the end of November. So plan well!
How can one's jaw not drop to the ground at these rockbottom prices?
(okay, excluding males & non-nail polish fans)

This mind-blowing promotion had fanned the natural flames of every bargain-nabbers whom I'm pretty sure strategically planned to attack the outlets first thing in the morning or during lunch hours. Such determination, such passion, such.. Ok, you get the picture. 

Frankly speaking, I didn't know about this promotion until a dear fellow blogger, Laura from Winter Blossoms whom I met up with her on Thursday - A true lover of nail polishes (you should checkout her nail art!) her eyes gleamed with excitement and voice coated with glee when she told me about it.  

I was initially excited but the thought of travelling dampened my will to head to the nearest Etude House outlet which was in One Utama. Traffic these days are LOCO! BUT! There's always a BUT in every story. 
That fateful Friday, my roommate had to get some groceries for the PKV's The CAMP as she was the game-master and suggested heading to One Utama. UH-OH. So it was - HI ETUDE HOUSE.. :D 

via Google
And.. November has just begun.
Yippie! Maggie mee again (-___-)'''

My haul from Etude House
First row : The 3 dark coloured nail polishes is RM5 (original price : RM19.90) each and the two transparent ones which is the topcoat is RM1 (original price : RM9.90) each.

Second row : If Story Nail Kit 1 consisting of two nail polishes - RM12 a set (original price : RM39.90).

Third row : They had a Buy 1, Free 1 promotion as well in conjunction with the festive Deepavali season. I took the opportunity and purchased their Etude House Proof 10 Auto Pencil in BK801 Proof Black & Etude House Proof 10 Auto Pencil in PP501 Purple Navy which is priced at RM39.90 each. 

Here are the swatches of the colours I bought : 

DRD302 Fire Vampire - Dark maroon with a strong black/red base. Think dry blood.
#BK801 - A black base with red glitters.
DBL602 Maybe Navy - A unique blue with a tinge of green/blue base.
#01 Halloween Witch - A beautiful happy purple (not true to colour here) with glitters & confetti. 
#02 Magical Spell - Dark purple, almost black base with glitter & confetti.
Please excuse my non-modelesque-like fingers.
The picture above, taken with natural light to show its true colours. Almost.
All of my pictures are taken with my Song Xperia TX phone.  
The camera feature is not bad actually :)

Overall Experience
I am acutally surprised at the quality of Etude House's nail polishes. Especially the ones from 'Dear My' line. 
Below is the breakdown review of each nail polishes : 
  • DRD302 Fire Vampire : Smooth, thick application. 2 coats to achieve a professionally done vampy colour and gloss. Rating : A
  • #BK801 : Easy application. Needs two coats to evenly distribute the colour. The finish is semi-matte & rough due to the red glitters. A good topcoat is needed for a glossy finish. Rating : A-.
  • DBL602 Maybe Navy : Smooth, thick application. 1-2 coats is enough to achieve a glossy, saloon-done nails. Rating : A
  • If Story Nail Kit 1 #01 Halloween Witch : 1-2 coats needed to evenly distribute the colour and glitter/confetti. Rating : A.
  • If Story Nail Kit 1 #02 Magical Spell : 3-4 coats needed to achieve an evenly distributed colour. The base seems weak but not a deal-breaker. Rating : B-.

My personal favourites would have to be the Dear My Deep Colour Nails in Fire Vampire and If Story Nail Kit 1 - #01 Halloween Witch. Its just so.. me :)

Oh, I did a grab & run at the Etude House outlet in Paradigm Mall after I had dinner with my bf's family. Two more nail polishes (RM5 each) & buy 1 free 1 nail polish remover (RM12.90 each). Swatches to be updated soon - I hope. The nail polish remover's scent is so nice! It does not have that strong, paint thinner scent which makes me nauseous. Great for anyone who hates the smell but love painting their nails!

Second haul from Etude House
Well, that's all from me now.
Hope you found this post somewhat interesting/informational/funny/helpful.
Let me know what you think about the nail polishes!

Till then and thank you for reading :)

Sarah <3


  1. HAHAHAHAHA Thank you for that lovely description of me! XD I must say, my eyes did gleam when i saw the pic lol.
    That nail polish remover is amazing, normal polish gone in 2 secs and glitter gone in 10-15secs. MUST BUY MOAR AS BACKUP

    1. EHEHEHEHEHE, what are my years of studying English for? LOL. Is the nail polish seriously that good? I tried it on only one nail. Must test it out again :P But no more buy 1, free 1 right? :(

  2. i love their buy 1 free 1 promotion! <3 im not a fan of nail polish so naturally im a bit disappointed LOL.

  3. Haha, which Malaysian don't like the sight of 'buy 1, free 1'? XD

    Wait lemme guess why you are not a fan of nail polishes - is it because the only time you can use nail polishes for a week is when 'aunty red' comes to visit. Lol! No fun removing and applying it many times. Too time consuming :(