Friday, 1 November 2013

Unboxing Cosmobox Event @ Cupcake Chic, The Curve + Goodbye Post for Cosmobox

The day when I have finally come around to blog about this awesome beauty box, 
is the day I found out they are no longer continuing this venture. 


Life goes on but I believe that everyone and everything rises from the ashes again.
Nothing is impossible.
Hang in there ladies (Sze Yong & Lee Yen)!

Beauty boxes are technically boxes containing beauty/health products which comes in travel size or pathetic, measly samples and the best of lot, FULL sized products which occasionally or rarely happens. - Sorry, an Asian thing. 

So generally you pay an amount every month or 3-months/6-months/a year at one go, to obtain this box filled with surprises (bad/good - that's a surprise, no?). Sometimes its totally worth every cents, sometimes you may feel cheated of your hard-earned cash.

But for this particular beauty box, Cosmo Box by Box Culture has scored a note in my books at first sight. I got to know about this beauty box when I was invited by my famous (it seems that way) sister, Arisa Chow to join the unboxing party held at Cupcake Chic, The Curve some months back. I am pretty new to this beauty box concept and am only familiar with the ones like Vanity Trove, Modbox, Lilac Box, etc. 


*rambling mode ON*

That's me wearing a red floral dress from Cotton On which was on sale (myfavouriteword!) - RM30. Its quite unfortunate that it didn't manage to hide or conceal my big thighs or thick legs much. Sigh, confidence levels affected! And not forgetting, another bargain piece on me - the Alexender Wang Rocco inspired oak brown bag from Cotton On as well was purchased at RM15! Teehee! <3

This is my very first unboxing event for a beauty box!
It was fun, food-filled with sweetness of people & cupcakes.
Well, having a lil sis +Arisa Chow who is quite active in the blogger world has it perks.
I'm 'invited' because I have the car. LOL
That's sibling love for yer.

*rambling mode OFF*

Please do bear with me as I do have the tendency to ramble in my posts. I will try to keep it short and sweet as possible (which is not possible) in my future posts. I love telling stories, the feel of my fingertips tapping away on my comfy Toshiba keyboard, the rhythm of the fingers tapping - it just keeps the juice flowing from my cerebral cortex to my fingertips. Ha! There I go again. *facepalm* 
ANYWAY, just to let you know - Cupcake Chic @ The Curve is the official venue sponsor for this yummylicious tea party! I'd let the pictures do the talking now.
 Look at the cupcakes!


You can also host your very own awesome, all things pink party at the Cupcake Chic? Yesh you can! With the starting fees of RM500* (8 pax). The package* comes with the following :- 

- 1.5 hours party (in a reserved area) - located at The Curve
- Cupcake Chic Party Ambassador
- Two cupcakes for each guest to decorate and take home
- A fun craft
- A personalized Livin' Large Cupcakes
- Goodie bag full of surprises
- Party snacks and refreshments
- Age specific party games and activities
- Photobooth session with dress up activities

*The pricing & content of this package may change/is not accurate at the time of posting. So please do contact Cupcake Chic directly to obtain accurate pricing and offers. 

How to get in touch with Cupcake Chic? - No need to drive all the way to the Curve lah. Everything is ONLINE babe ;) 

Email : < >

Address : Lot GZF-4, Ground Floor, No.6, Jalan PJU 7/3, Mutiara Damansara. 
Phone : 03-7733 7075

Le awesome party!
Look at the spread! The brains behind this crazy & fabulous party is Think Party Thoughts, who provides services such as organizing creative themed parties and selling superbly cute partywares! - Now I know who to find for my wedding/baby shower (THINKTOOFAR) ! Hehehe! If you want to organize a party and need a lil direction, you can always contact Think Party Thoughts and have a breather. 

Email :

The ladies behind this venture - Sze Yong and Lee Yen! Thanks for the invitation, ladies! <3
How do those two women look so good at their age?? *looksatself*
"Long way to go, Sarah. Long way to go.." 

EEK! Cuteness, that is one attribute I cannot pull off and I sincerely do not understand people when they say or compliment me that I'm cute. Really? I cannot digest that word :/ Anyway, a sad attempt to act all girly and cute with the props provided at the photo booth section which was sponsored by MJL.Photography.
Like their concept? They do wedding photography as well, or simply just to eternalize your memorable moments, give them a call or drop them an email for quotations or enquries!

Facebook :
Email :
Phone : 019-3260268

Le sis unboxing the box.
Products in the box

Super cute partyware!
Every beginning has its ending and eventhough it may be a short journey for Box Culture, but I am hoping to see that this turbulence is temporary or is another stepping stone to a better opportunity. All in all, I am glad be able to meet the power women - Sze Yong & Lee Yen personally and I wish them all the best in their future undertakings.

I really hope that they would do one final send off before they close Cosmobox for good. I'd really like to get my hands on one.

Do follow them on Facebook as who knows they might return ;)

Facebook :
Website : 

Thank you for reading,
Sarah <3 

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