Thursday, 31 October 2013

[Swatches + First Impressions] A Beautiful Weekend with BCL!

Finally, I had some time on my hands *ignorespilledupassignments* to complete this PICTURE-HEAVY post (youhasbeenwarned). My very first full-fledge cosmetic-workshop which I took the opportunity to take swatches & tried almost every product loaned to us to play! All of the pictures are taken with my Sony Xperia TX as my camera was being really bitchy - a sign for a new camera?? :D 

With special thanks to my lil' sister Arisa, who dragged me uh, I mean invited me to tag along with her to this awesome workshop organized by Manoah Consulting and Mandom. Its a workshop by BCL Malaysia with a special guest named Tanabe-san, one of the most renowned make-up artist hailed from the country of the rising sun, Japan! 

According to their Facebook pageBCL stands for Beauty Creative Lab whose cosmetics is suitable for fashionable young, working adults who wants to look good (who doesn't?) and houses a few brands such as Makemania Data, BrowLash EX, Tsururi and so much more.

Taken from their page,

There are a few fantastic ranges under the BCL brand:
1. Makemania Data - To stimulate women’s makeup soul.
2. BrowLash Ex - eye makeup perfect for beginners
3. Tsururi - skincare range that targets the problem of 'pores' 
With all honesty, I'm not so into the Japanese fashion or make-up scene. Too "kawaii" for my taste :P
I wouldn't have know much or be updated about the Japanese ever-changing culture if it is not for my Japan-loving sister who introduced me to this amazing world filled with Anime and Manga. #guiltyascharged 

Here at the event, we had a very beautifully chiseled cheekbones and features translator who had lived in Malaysia for sometime to translate the session for us! 

Before Tanabe-san started his session, a representative from BCL Japan explained the Makemania Girl Looks. 

I'd like to think that my style leans more to the Dolly & Natural Makemania Girl :P 

Look at all of the glorious products laid out ever so nicely to be played with!

While Tanabe-san works and explains the steps in Japanese, the pretty translator translates the session for us so that we wouldn't miss out on the steps! :)

Tanabe-san in action! 

The Clear Last Face Powder packed with the refreshing scent of peaches! 

Clear Last Face Powder feat Peach John in Mat Ocher

Clear Last Face Powder feat Peach John in Shiro-Hada (White & Brilliant) Ocher

Browlash Ex W Eyebrow Pencil & Liquid 

Makemania Data Gradation Tip Shadow
Left : Bronze Brown, Right : Light Brown

wiped with water
Makemania Data Pencil Gel Eyeliner in Jet Black & Deep Brown

Tanabe-san using Makemania Data Pencil Gel Eyeliner on one of the bloggers! 

Browlash Ex Water Strong Liquid Liner (Fine tip & Thick tip)

Blogger Sabrina Tajudin trying out BCL's products! 

Browlash Ex Water Strong Liner in Deep Black & Deep Brown

Makemania Data Essence Rouge Gloss in Peach Orange

Browlash Ex Lash Curler Express
Browlash Ex Volume Lash Fiber
Browlash Ex Lash Sclupture *best-selling*
Picture time with Tanabe-san!
Picture time with the pretty Carolyn Tay!

A before picture aken with +Arisa Chow 's Samsung S4 - already had basic makeup on. Just naked eyes.
Taken with +Arisa Chow 's Samsung S4 - working on my eyebrows there.

Makemania Data Gradation Tip Shadow in Light Brown applied by Tanabe-san

Taken with +Arisa Chow 's Samsung S4, cropped the picture. Love this picture!

After using Browlash Ex Volume Curler Express & Browlash Ex Volume Lash Fiber

After : Topping up Browlash Ex Lash Sculpture onto the other two mascaras.
How do you like my make over?
Excuse my sepet-eyes -,-
Testing out +Arisa Chow 's Samsung S4 Beauty camera function. Awesomeeeee flawlessness! 
Below are the pictures of TSURURI GHASSOUL PASTE in action! It can be used to remove natural makeup.
lashesandstrokes says : 
I love this ghassoul paste to remove my makeup especially after a day of longwear.
It has tiny bead-like particles to give that squeaky yet gentle scrub. The after-feel, fresh & soft!
Honest opinion. Will surely keep this product in mind when I go shopping for makeup removers :)

Taken with Samsung S4
Taken with Samsung S4
Taken with Samsung S4


With Love, Sarah :) 

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