Thursday, 21 August 2014

Sharing : How to Stay Safe on Carousell/Online (Pervert Edition)

Hi everyone,

I never expected or wanted this to be my first post on Carousell. But I have to quickly brief you about my experience on Carousell earlier this week. Please know that I have a few Carousell posts lined up for you. Need more time to arrange my thoughts well.

Earlier this week, for the first time I have encountered a pervert (yes, I am confident he/she is) on Carousell. Here are the screenshots of the conversation with this "@jennyhello" who later changed his/her name to @shane89 :

RED ALERT : Hey Babe! Is the material very thin? I'm from Aus and I don't really wear bra. Can u model it for me so I can see if it's too sheer for me? Many thanks!

Note : No (man or woman) in their right mind, would ask a random person for a modelled picture WITHOUT a bra. Or reveal that they don't really wear (a) bra. Seriously???

  • If the person claims that he/she is a 'serious buyer' and insists on knowing how sheer is the material of your clothing, just provide a picture with your hand behind the material. It's easy and requires no extra photography help. All you need is good lighting. If the person demands for you to model it, you know something is very wrong.

    Example :
    As you can see, that's my left hand with a ring on my middle finger.
    Hence your potential buyer is able to estimate without you 'modelling' it.
  • Never provide modelled pictures of clothes you know that is revealing/sheer. Especially lingerie. The pictures can be used against you or used without your knowledge on unscrupulous websites. Save yourself the drama and trauma.
  • If you are confident in providing modelled pictures, please do at least edit your pictures to keep yourself safe. There are many apps on Andriod/Itunes. My favourite is CatWang, because it has faces of cats and I love cats. #crazaycatlady.

    Example :
  • Source

  • Be polite. Regardless of how the person is on the other side, be the bigger person and decline in the most gracious way possible. There is no need to throw accusations unless proven guilty. As for me, I prefer my 'teacher' tone - no nonsense, strict, and unflinching.
  • Report to the admin. If you encounter a suspicious character on Carousell or he/she still presses on the 'modelled picture' matter - report him/her immediately. Do your part as well to keep the community safe. Below is the steps on how to report to the admins.

    Step 1 : Tap on the 3 white dots on the top right of your phone screen.
    Step 2 : Select 'Report user'. The list of reasons on 'Why are you reporting this user?' will pop up.
    Step 3 : Scroll all the way down and select 'Suspected fraudster'.
Example :
This is the latest version of Carousell on Andriod.

The Carousell team should respond/investigate within a 24 - 42 hours time frame depending on the availability of their manpower. Below is the screenshots on my instagram and twitter where +Carousell responded to them quite promptly.

I feel safe and glad that Carousell is doing all they can to keep the community safe for us to confidently sell our preloved or brand new items. I have been on Carousell's app since last year when they first started out and when Friendly Fashion Malaysia was forced to close down. So far, this is the best app for selling unwanted preloved or brand new items. Keep up with the awesome job, Carousell Malaysia!

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Have you experienced weirdos such as this before?

Share with me on how to handled them.

Love,Sarah :)

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