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Review : Sleek I-Divine Palette The Garden of Eden

Garden of Eden, inspired and curated after the bibical 'garden of God'.
'Eden' has many meanings in different languages, 
but the most accurate definition for this palette would be in Hebrew which means 'delight, finery, or luxury'. 

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As usual, all Sleek I-Divine comes in a rectangular shaped, matte black palette.
The shade is embossed at the bottom back.
It helps ease the search for your palettes IF you have multiple Sleek palettes like me! 
Please excuse the lighting. I tried my best editing the light/exposure to get the closes colour as possible.  Practising!
Top from left : Gates of Eden, Eve's Kiss, Paradise On Earth, Python, Forbidden, Flora
Bottom from left : Entwined, Adam's Apple, Fig, Evergreen, Fauna, Tree of Life

Swatches. Please excuse the blurly parts. It's not easy taken pictures with an extremely heavy DSLR on your own.
Sleek's suggestion on how to use the palette.


I love how Sleek takes the time to name every shade, and this time I dare say they have nailed them on the spot. Sleek is no stranger to the blogsphere, gathering fans from all over the world. They have come up with really pretty palettes that are worth having such as this one. When I first saw it, deep down inside my lust for eyeshadows I knew I had to own it. Of recent, I find myself exploring colours when it comes to eyeshadows. I used to be a 'neutral' shades lover but finally admitted that it's kind of boring and it may sometimes emphasizes the tiredness of my eyes.

It all started with a forest green eyeliner which I found it brings my brown-eyes to life. Instead of the typical black and brown eyeliners. Ever since, forest green or emerald is one of my favourite colours. It has that elegant vibe with a dark mystery to it. Below is the breakdown of the shades in table form which is easier for you to read and compare. I'm not a pro at describing shades and textures yet, but I'm on my way.  


Gates of Eden
Shimmery, frost finish
Very pigmented
Gold, copper based, cool-toned
Eve's Kiss
frost finish
Very pigmented
Mauve pink, more towards cool-toned
Paradise on Earth
Shimmery, frost finish
Very pigmented
Taupe, brown based, cool-toned
Shimmery finish
Very pigmented
Brown, with a tinge of red, warm-toned
Matte, satin finish
Fairly pigmented
Muted greyish brown,
Typical brown, warm-toned
Matte, satin finish
Not pigmented
Taupe-ish brown, with obvious gold shimmer chunks that disappears when applied, cool-toned
Adam's Apple
Fairly pigmented
Light green with yellow base, cool-toned
Shimmery, frost finish
Very pigmented
Yellowish green with yellow base, cool-toned
Shimmery, frost finish
Very pigmented
Mint with a pinch of green and yellow base, cool-toned
Shimmery, frost-satin finish
Very pigmented
Grey-green with a tinge of blue undertones, subtle warm undertones
Tree of Life
Very pigmented
Dark forest green, neutral undertones

The only real problem with Sleek's I-Divine Palettes are repeated shades. It can be quite annoying or disappointing to find out that you have the same shade with different names. For an example, I have Sleek I-Divine Monaco Palette and Sleek I-Divine Snapshots Palette which have about more than 6 similar shades. That left me quite disappointed because I don't like repeating or having similar shades.

Overall, I would say this is a must-have palette if you are into earthy-tones but you're tired of the countless, similar shades of browns. This is perfect mix. This palette has a special place in my heart because of the shade called Tree of Life. It's such a unique colour to me. My personal favourites are Paradise on Earth, Python, Adam's Apple, and Tree of Life. It's a limited edition palette, so own it before it's gone! I purchased mine from Colours Cosmetics Malaysia priced at RM52.00.


  • Gorgeous colours for all skintones
  • Office/class/professional friendly palette
  • Wearable for all occasions
  • A fairly good balance of matte and shimmer eyeshadows


  • Possible repetitive shades
  • Fairly weak matte shades
  • Some shimmer, frosty shades might be tricky to blend

You can get Sleek's Garden of Eden on Luxola priced at RM53.00. I am now waiting for either one to bring in Sleek I-Divine Del Mar Palette and Sleek I-Divine Rio Rio Palette. I WANT THEM BOTH <3 Ooh, Luxola brought in Sleek I-Divine Arabian Nights Palette as well!

Will you be getting one? 

Sarah :)

Disclaimer : This is not a sponsored post. I purchased it with my own money. 

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