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Review : Covo Cosmetics Brightenist Cream Cleanser

Tired of experiencing face wash that leaves your skin dry, taut, and dull?
Look no further! 
Covo Cosmetics launched their first skincare range this year called "Brightenist" Series.

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According to Covo Cosmetics, their Brightenist Cleanser is described to: 

  •      helps purify and cleanse your face  
  •      restore radiance to your skin 
  •      remove the impurities deep in your pores 
  •      restore your skin’s moisture without any tightening or uncomfortable skin feel after wash 
  •      helps to lighten, fade and reduce the age spot as well as provide even skin tone

It contains Niacinamide and Gigawhite which is actively derived from Alpine plant that is supposedly to help lighten, fade, reduce age spots, and provide an even skin tone after long-term usage

Instructions: Add a small amount of water to the pea-size cleanser on your palm and lather it well to create foam. Spread the cream foam entire face with gentle circulation from lower to upper. Rinse off with warm water.


When it comes to facial cleansers, I am quite sceptical and careful. Ever since I started to experience breakouts, skincare has always been my love-hate partner. Why the love-hate relationship? It is because there are so many products out there, over-promising ‘miracles’ for a ‘clearer’, ‘smoother’, ‘fairer’ skin but at the end of the day, the skin remains the same or very little difference.

Some products are too mild, some are too harsh. Oh, such woe. #firstworldproblems.

This cleanser was personally recommended by Covo’s creator and founder, Ms Julie Wong. She carried out a mini demonstration on the back of my hand, squeezing out less than a pea size amount, sprayed on some water on it, and lathered away. While doing so, she casually mentioned that there were quite an amount of misconception on this cleanser because of its cream-like formula that does not soap without the presence of water. This usually leaves oily/combination skinned beauties take a step back and question its effect on their skin.

Ms Wong expertly clarified that this ‘cream-like cleanser’ is not like the ones that leaves a layer of ‘moisture’ or the feeling that the face is not properly cleansed. That is not the case for Covo’s Brightenist Cleanser. The cleanser is white, cream-like yet firm and smooth. Note that this cream cleanser does not have SLS -Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, hence its inability to foam without the presence of water.

After using it, I noticed that my face looked a smidge fairer, feels squeaky clean without feeling taut or uncomfortable. I purposely did not use any facial products after washing my face to test whether it leaves my skin tight or uncomfortable.

 I am happy to report that Covo’s Brightenist Cleanser:
  • helped cleansed my face  
  • restored radiance to my skin
  • removed the impurities deep in my pores
  • restored my skin’s moisture without any tightening or uncomfortable skin feel after wash
  • no allergic reaction (A big relief)

The bottomline is, it does as it says. About the part where it helps to helps to lighten, fade and reduce the age spot as well as provides even skin tone, I can only claim so when I have finished using the facial cleanser. It is mentioned by Covo that visible results can only be seen after long-term usage. I love that they did put it in black and white regarding the long-term usage. No over-promising claims or marketing gimmick such as “Results in 7 days!” or “See the difference in 3 days!” – Seeing this always makes me raise an eyebrow with scepticism.  

I had the blessed opportunity to meet her in person and boy, she is an amazing lady! Extremely friendly, business-minded, and most importantly, she truly cherishes her customers. Besides being the first Malaysian brand in the cosmetics line, the very thing that sets Covo apart from the rest is, it's “human touch”. Ms Wong emphasizes the importance of listening to the customers’ experience in using a product. If Ms Wong had the all the time in the world, she would probably love to hear everyone’s responses or feedback on her products. I dare say this is because I personally experienced it first hand, sharing, comparing products with Ms. Wong. It was an afternoon I will always cherish.    


  • To all skin types
  • If you have run out of facial cleansers
  • If you are itching to try out new products
  • If you want fairer skin

Availability and Pricing

It is available at all Covo Cosmetics counters. Check out the list of counters here : Store Location

Admittedly, RM95 is quite pricey for a facial cleanser but it is packed with 100gm of product and only a small amount is needed. It should, I repeat, should last for about 3 – 6 months with daily usage. In all seriousness, it is not your typical facial cleanser you would find in our local drugstores.

Ingredients list. I'm glad to see that there is no PARABENS!
A bonus point. I love my products 'sealed' with freshness!
As you can see, the cleanser is not watery or liquidly. It's firm and foams only with the presence of water.
Have you tried this cleanser yet?
How did it fare for you?
I would love to hear from you in the comment box below.

Thank you for reading!

Sarah :)

Disclaimer : This is a sponsored product however it does not affect my personal exprience or opinion. 

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