Monday, 30 December 2013

Review : Colours Cosmetics Tapered Crease Blender Brush

This brush is without a doubt, HEAVEN SENT. 
Asian eyes, REJOICE! 

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I was approached by Joanne from Colours Cosmetics Malaysia to review their Flat Top Foundation Brush earlier this year and now they have a newborn baby in their family! I received this new brush about two weeks ago. She did not tell me what was the brush but it sure got me all excited! Early Christmas present :D 
Thanks Joanne & CCM! <3  

Synthetic Bristles which means it can be used for cream products as well!
Plus no worries for our Muslimah sisters! 
About 15 - 16 cm in length
Bristles length is about 1.5cm 
Bristles width is about 0.5cm
Close up on the 'neck' of the brush
Can't wait for CCM to produce more brushes with their logo engraved on it!
Please excuse the poor quality picture. And the scary eye (O ,  O)'''
As you can see, I don't have round eyes nor a very prominent double-eyelid.
I have almond shaped eyes with little - no double eyelids (T^T)  
The first picture is to show you how the tip of the brush is perfectly and carefully shaped and sized to cater to Asian eyes like mine. Most crease brushes I encounter are either too thick or too big for my eyes, hence making it very difficult to apply eyeshadow to my non-existent crease.

This is the look I manage to create using the brush with my Sleek Makeup I-Divine Ultra Mattes V2 Dark Palette. I was seriously breathless when I saw the end results. Smokey eyes are not my forte due to the zero crease/fat eyelids and not prominent double eyelids - it always turns out like I got punched in the eye. Oh well, gotta practice, practice, practice! Please note that I'm no professional in creating smokey eyes or dramatic eye looks. If I can do it, SO CAN YOU! :) 

Of recent, I don't know why I am so in love with the colour green. Specifically, forest green or enchanted green. Not neon or poison ivy green. - Random. 

photo credit to beautandthebeast 

Okay, time for the facts!
  • Price : RM35 (not inclusive of postage fees) 
  • Available at : Colours Cosmetics Malaysia
  • Not limited edition. Yippie!
  • Seriously, there are nothing negative I can say about the product at the moment. 
Review : 
After using this brush for two weeks, it is safe to say that this brush has earned its place in my most-used brush collection. Not trying to exaggerate but I find myself using my eye-shadows more and a little more daring to test out new looks and shades.

The bristles are super soft and gentle during application - no unnecessary tugging or stress to the delicate eye area. I love the fact that the handle is not too long, hence making it "mirror-distance friendly" for girls like me who wears spectacles or don't use contact lenses at all.

The physiques of the brush is well-designed - light weighted yet sturdy, easy to grip, travel-friendly and most importantly, user-friendly. It is easy to wash, clean after use and it dries quickly as well. I did not experience any bristle fallouts nor changes to the shape of the bristles after washing it.

Love the fact that this brush can be used as to blend concealers, shading for hard to reach areas on the face and even more if you are creative! Due to its flexible nature, I would recommend it all both make-up beginners and pros. This brush is truly WORTH every penny and time. I'm a student, so this brush does not break the bank and it has many uses. SCORE!

Will I repurchase it?  YES, OF COURSE!

Who will love it?
- Make-up beginners/pros
- Anyone with Asian eyes
- Anyone who loves to experiment eye-shadows
- Frugalistas!

Who will hate it? 
- Really. What is wrong with you??

Well, that's all for now. Let me know by commenting below if you want a tutorial up!

With love, 
Sarah :)