Tuesday, 21 October 2014

First Impressions: Maybelline Big Eyes Eyeshadow and Maybelline Hyper Glossy Liquid Liner

Last Saturday, my bf picked me up from work and we had lunch at Texas Chicken @ Jaya Shopping Center, PJ. Shamefully, I have to admit that's the second time I had Texas Chicken in that week. There's no denying that their fried chicken is deliciously made. It's juicy yet crispy! Hungry yet? My tummy is grumbling with hunger as I type. Hush, stomach. Just a few more hours to breakfast. 

After lunch, I spontaneously walked into Guardian which was located on the same floor as Texas Chicken and stumbled across new goodies at Maybelline. Yes, I always have a tendency to do a rain-check on Guardian or Watsons when I'm in a mall. It's a very dangerous habit that I am trying to kick. Dangerous to my bank account, that is. Okay... Back to Maybelline. I saw this very interesting eyeshadow quad with a bolded pink word "Big Eyes" in a pink bubble smacked in the middle of it. There were no products, only testers in the picture below. 

Close-up on Smokey Brown and Gorgeous Pink
Close-up on Copper Gold
I don't exactly know what's the official name for this eyeshadow but my best guess would be "Maybelline Big Eyes Eyeshadow" and nope, I did not made that up. I got it from an internation Boots website from googling. 

As you can see from the photos above, there are three shades available:
  • Smokey Brown
  • Gorgeous Pink
  • Copper Gold
The texture of these eyeshadows are buttery smooth and had very minimal fallouts. As for the pigmentation, all of the eyeshadows are extremely pigmented except the last eyeshadows from Section D (under eye area). Rating wise, Gorgeous Pink scored the best followed by Copper Gold and last but not least, Smokey Brown. There was no problem swatching the eyeshadows except the section D (eyeshadow for under eye area) for all three as I find it hard to reach and had to use my pinky to pick the eyeshadows up. If these eyeshadows are used with proper brushes, there would be very little or no problem at all in accessing it. Among all three, my favourite would be Gorgeous Pink as I love the colour combo. 

Next up, it's an all-brand new Maybelline Hyper Glossy Liquid Liner! As you can see, they have changed the design of the packaging and brought in these three shades below. I must stress that these coloured liquid eyeliners has the best pigmentation and application I have ever come across. 

The three shades consists of:
  • Electro Shock (Blue)
  • Gold-iation (Gold)
  • Lazer Green (Green)
Maybelline has named their shades well this time. Electro Shock does live up to its as a shocking, true blue without any obvious undertones to it. This shade of blue reminds me of American Idol's logo. The "in-your-face" kind of blue. The wowza kind of blue. 

Gold-iation, should be renamed as Gold-nation instead. This gold is b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l. I'm usually not a fan of gold in makeup because it either leans too yellow or too olive-ish. But this gold shade has the perfect balance and I believe it would make dark-skinned beauties' eyes pop! 

Lazer Green, should be renamed as Peacock Green or Mermaid's Tale. It's a truly jaw-dropping, breath-taking shade I have ever swatched. I'm not exaggerating. Its 'the' I want to own as it looks so magical and unique. I meltz.  

All of them applied smoothly without any trouble. Superbly pigmented even with just one stroke! The best part of this eyeliner is, it has staying powers but comes of easily without staining the skin or damaging the skin by tugging it. It comes off with water and become flakes when you gently rub it off. No colour-bleeding, no smudging. Amazing. 

Alright, that's all for now. I have tons of reviews to share with you but have been facing with a writer's block of late. It doesn't help when I'm particular about my writing or photo-editing. My convocation was last Thursday and finally got my certs and academic transcripts. Shall share more about it in my next post. See ya soon! 

Sarah :)

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