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Review : Colours Cosmetics Flat Top Foundation Brush


Colours Cosmetics's latest offer is no stranger to most Malaysians. Their previous version launched earlier last year, did cause some stir with a side of curiousity especially among makeup-lovers. After using it for the past few weeks, mainly with powder foundations - I dare say their new improved Flat Top Foundation Brush is something you should look out for. 

A super professional-looking, cleaned up look compared to CCFT V1.
They did take customers' feedback into consideration! The brand's name is now etched onto the handle! :D
The bristles are packed together yet its so soft!
The surface is not so wide, giving us more application control over the liquid/powder foundation.
Still has a few strands sticking out, but much less compared to CCFT V1. I have not experienced any shedding yet.
Back view. Oh, it looks so sleek!
Okay, it looks like I am strangling the brush but I'm not. This is to show that it is indeed palm-sized. 


This brush really does look super cute! But don't be fooled by the size, even if its smaller than your typical brushes - it performs better than most foundation brushes I have come across. The overall size and handle length of the brush is inspired by the idea that addresses the woes of spectacles-wearing ladies who found the brush handle kept getting in the way making it troublesome when it comes to applying makeup.  

Being a person who is most of the time always on the move, I need travel-friendly sized products to bring along with me. Hence, this Flat Top Foundation Brush fits the bill in the travel-friendly catergory for sure. It's lightweight, portable, and best of all, it dries fairly quicker compared to my Sigma F80

This might sound trivial but the other thing that got me excited about the overhaul of this brush was the brand that has finally been etched onto the handle with silver paint. Previously, it was just a sticker that was slapped onto the handle but now, it has an overall professional and elegant look. That is truly the 'finishing touch' to this CCFT Version 2. Like it or not, aesthetics does help sell the product. It's the beauty of a balanced packaging.


Let's talk about the bristles. I must say, the bristles is much better than the previous CCFT V1. The differences I noticed are the circumference of the bristles is slightly smaller and its is slight shorter in length, not as wide and puffy as the CCFT V1. The revamped bristles did improve the overall performance of the brush. It's not as stiff and packed like my Sigma F80 which is not powder foundation-friendly because it picks up and packs on too much of product on my face, unless I am going for a super full coverage The F80 suits liquid foundations better. 

Whereas for the CCFT V2, I experienced better application control because it buffs the powder on beautifully, creating a smooth and even surface. It does not budge the concealer on my pesky pimples or scars. I tested it out mainly with powder foundations, especially with my favourite - ZA Perfect Fit Two-Way Foundation and I really love the soft-focused effect it gives my skin! To achieve a full coverage makeup, buff the powder onto the face to set the concealer and then buff the foundation in again but in circular motion on the face.  

Throughout the testing period, I washed the brush about 5 times and did not experience any bristles shedding or parts of the brush falling off or coming loose. So glad that it has been carefully designed with stringent quality control! 


I am pretty surprised that I cannot find any fault with the brush because usually I would list down 'pros and cons' for almost every product I use. I took the liberty to put side by side photos of the old CCFT V1 and CCFT V2 to see the difference. This CCFT brush is perfect for you if you are looking for:

  • lightweight, travel-friendly, portability
  • quality comparable to the F80
  • short-handle foundation brushes
  • easy wash and quick to dry 
  • medium to full coverage makeup

If you are a powder foundation kinda of gal, or someone who is looking for a cruelty-free and not worry what animal hair the bristles are made from, this brush is the one for you. The brush is priced at RM55.00 and will be available for purchase TODAY on Colours Cosmetics Malaysia's website! Specially for my dear readers, key in SARAH15 to get 15% off this brush! :) 

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Thank you for reading! :)
Sarah :)

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