Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Review : It's Mine Satchel by October Origins

          When it comes to bags, I am quite particular about the design, quality, practicality and function. Being a student, I do not have the means to own luxurious or branded bags such as Mulberry, Alexander Wang, Proenza Schouler, Marc Jacobs, Fendi, Chanel, Celine and Givenchy which I love their evergreen and prominent designs. Oh how I would love to own one design of each brands.. Teehee. 

I have blogged an entry about this bag when I first got it, about a year ago. Now I am doing a review.. HMM. Anyway, diverting your attention away from my lack of updates to this beautiful inspired Proenza Schouler bag by October Origins. Read on!

This bag was brought in by October Origins estimatedly in 2011 (based on the reviews at the site). It comes in two types of texture : PU leather and Suede. It comes in 7 colours for PU leather and 4 colours for Suede. Retailing at RM108, not inclusive of postage fees but they do offer free postage for orders above RM180.

Picture credits to October Origin

Picture credits to October Origin

Please take note that my bag is well used and about a year old, hence the worn-out look. As you can see, I have not experienced any form of peeling and it's hardware has not shown signs of giving way yet. 

The colour of the hardware for this PU leather in Black is Gunmetal. Not Gold. Based on the website, the PU leather in Camel has gold coloured hardware which I initially prefer but I rather go for darker colours as I am heavy-duty user when it comes to bags. 

Back view

Please do excuse the chunky arm. I have taken a picture of my hand in the back pocket to show the depth of the pocket. As you can see, my whole hand could fit in it. I have yet to test whether it fits a Samsung Note.. Shall test it out with +Arisa Chow 's Note 2. Hehe. 

The bag only comes with one long, adjustable strap which can be adjust the length according to desired length or look. As for me, I am about 160cm tall so I adjusted my strap to the shortest which suits me just fine. You can bring it to the cobbler to punch more holes if you still find the strap a little too long for your taste or comfort.

Let's talk compartments! I LOVE COMPARTMENTS. 
  • #1 - The main compartment. I usually store my less reached items in here such as notebook, tissues, wet tissues, makeup pouch, powerbank, etc. 
  • #2 - This is where I store my most reached for items such as wallet, mirror, lipbalm, etc. 
  • #3 - The hidden compartment. Great for keeping small items, loose change, receipts which are to be sorted out by the end of the day/week. 
  • #4 - I store mainly my keys here. 

Main compartment filled with junk!
Main compartment emptied.
The #2 compartment consists of two small pockets (circled in red) to store handphone/keys/small items.
Compartment #2 emptied.
Le junk in le bag :D
The bottom of the bag.
Side view

Based on the three pictures above starting from the quality hardware, it is indeed of quality. It's sturdy design is meant for heavy duty use. Mind you, my bag can sometimes weigh a ton (I know its bad for my posture and health but I feel super insecure knowing I am not equip to face the day!) but there are no tear signs between the hook holder and the bag. Talk about longevity! 

They even have a magnetic closures (red circles) to ensure that your items won't come pouring out if you accidentally swing it or tilt it.
This is one of my two peeves about this bag. The material around the clasp holder keeps coming out of its place whenever I use the clasp. But it can be put back into place. Not really a deal breaker but it is a design-flaw.
This is the second peeve I was referring too. But then again, the strap holder gave way after many months of heavy duty usage. 
Overall, if you have a budget of RM150 and below and is looking for a bag that would last you for about a year or two - this is the bag I would recommend. It's timeless design and superb quality surpasses my expectations and I find myself wanting to replace this bag with a new one. Same texture but maybe in a different colour. Red, perhaps? Which colours or texture appeals to you more?

Will you be getting one for yourself? If yes, which colour and texture?

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Thank you for reading!

Sarah :)

Disclaimer : This is not a sponsored or paid post. This bag was purchased with my own money. Read more.


  1. Wah, so detailed! :D I like this kinda bag too, goes with the student look, ngehehehe. Also helps that it has lots of pockets.

    1. Haha thanks babe! I love the bag to bits. It goes with almost every look from student to casual to semi-formal (depending on the colour). YESH, POCKETSISNAIS <3

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    1. Yes it is dear :) Thanks for dropping by! <3