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Review : Echisse Skincare Red Set Series

For starters, I would to make it clear that I'm no skin doctor or skin specialist. Mind you, having access to the internet with tons of information does not automatically make you a specialist or an expert. But I have done some read up on different types of skin, trying to understand the basics. Truth to be told, I am not so much of a skincare person.. maybe it is because I am not really a patient person when it comes to waiting for results to show. An area that needs improvement, that's for sure. Anyway, do read on if you are confused with dry skin and dehydrated skin. I have found interesting and digestible information that I want to share with you! 
Brand Introduction : 

Echisse from the life and health of the greatest goddess Isis, mankind has brought to life, health and beauty. Chinese "Ai Si Xi": Ai representative of natural plant symbolizes the natural and health; Xi representatives sun symbolizes the optimistic and positive attitude towards life and vitality; Si symbol of modern female independence on behalf of women, beauty Li Yi Xi Si pursuit of beauty, by the skin exudes brilliance, is built on the basis of healthy skin on the beauty of harmony, is a consciousness is awakened, it is the performance of the soul with nature

Echisse is a well-known brand in Taiwan & China, retailing at major supermarkets such as Carrefour and Tesco.
Just before Chinese New Year, I was given the opportunity to try out and review Silk Apple 's latest offer - Echisse Skincare Red Series consisting of : 

1. Echisse Total Essential Lotion 

These are the suggested ways of using Echisse Total Essential Lotion. Source : Internet.
Product Description : 
With the quality and infusion of many kinds of plant extract essence. such as small yellow chrysanthemum extraction, oats and hyaluronic acid, it naturally stimulates repair and maintenance of the skin. It refines pores, reduces dark mark and promotes a bright skin color. It gives a younger tighter look minimizing the lines on the face, supplementing moisture content. Bring a natural balance working with the skin to bring a glow of youthful brilliance. 

Application method : 
Put on facial cotton pad and massage from inside to outside gently on the face, until the skin fully absorbs the product.  

Content : 

Review : 
The product came without a box but it was sealed with  layer plastic to ensure that the product has not been tampered with. Of all the 3 products, it took me sometime to adjust to the texture and how it felt after application. Initially, I used my hands to apply the product all over my face but I found it to be sticky and take a very long time to absorb or dry up. After Lin provided the description and application method, I decided to follow the suggested method by pouring the product onto the facial cotton and massaging it onto the skin. By doing so, the Lotion absorbed into my skin much quicker and it did not leave a sticky feeling after. 

2. Echisse Total Essential Moisturizer

Product Description : 
Contains many kinds of plant extract essence and deep sea algae including rich amino acid, vitamins, carotene and mineral substance theses natural ingredients that can help the skin to remold locking the moisture in, promoting the skins natural defense capability. With long term use, it repairs and maintains the skin, promoting bright skin color, tightening while improving lines to bring a fresh glow and youthful brilliance. 

Application method : 
After washing and cleansing, pour out a small amount onto your palm or facial cotton, gently massage onto the face avoiding the eyes and lips.

Content :

Review :
This product came with a box which was sealed in plastic to ensure it has not been tampered with. I personally love this moisturizer as it is not sticky nor too 'moisturizing/oily'. Perfect for my current skin condition. I tried both suggested application methods and found that I prefer to use facial cotton to apply onto my skin. 

3. Echisse Total Essential Intense Nourishing Mask

Product Description :
This beautiful mask nourishes, repairs and maintains to raise the brightness of your skin colour and improve lines. Uses activating collagen to gain skin synthesis, nourishing, and tightening flesh elasticity. It contains many kinds of plant extract essence, for rapid supplement of the skins moisture, with added vitamins, minerals and other natural ingredients to help repair and maintain. Specially developed with Damascus rose essence oil gives in-depth skin activation making it young and tender.
Application Method : After washing and cleansing, apply onto the face and neck, gently massage until the product is fully absorbed. No need to washing off. Use 1-2 times a week or as needed. Apply at night before going to bed as sleep mask for better result.
Content :
Review : 
After using Reacheer Herbal Selaginellae Hydrating Repairing Mask previously, I wished that I had a sleeping mask as I had been looking high and low for a product that can work while I sleep. My wish came true! I love the mask as it does not leave my skin oily but hydrated the next morning. Skin feels so bouncy and looked like I had sufficient sleep (which I don't). I would confidently recommend this Sleeping Mask especially if you sleep or work in an air-conditioning environment. 
Before we start, here is a 2-minute introduction video on Understanding Your Skin Type : 

It's very important for you to know your facial oil and water skin type if you want your skin care products to do the very best for you that they can. If you use a product not appropriate for your skin type, even though it has the right ingredients in it, it may not only fail to help your problem, but it may even make your problem worse. Your skin has water glands that make water and oil glands that make oil. And it's the relative balance of oil and water on the surface of your skin that determines which of the four oil and water facial skin types you have. And the water and oil have nothing to do with each other. So a deficit of water is not going to be compensated for by adding extra oil. If your cheeks feel tight or dry, or they appear flaky, you have dry skin. If your T-zone appears oily, feels oily, or if you break out with acne, then you have oily skin. And if you have both dry skin and oily skin at the same time, you have combination skin. And if you have neither dry skin, nor oily skin, then you have normal skin. So if you want your skin care products to do the very best for you that they can, know your facial oil and water skin type, and choose products that are labeled for your appropriate skin type.  Source
I managed to find a good description on the different types of skin but the author of this website is not a trained dermatologist and writes based on her experience with her skin condition, hence read it with a pinch of salt and visit your nearest dermatologist for a more accurate diagnose. Generally there are about 5 different types of skin which consists of Oily, Dry/Dehydrated, Combination, Sensitive/Irritated/Intolerant and Normal. 

Information obtained from
I am sharing all of these information with you because based from experience using facial products, it is extremely important to identify and know what is YOUR skin type before committing to any skincare. By using a wrong skincare could jeopardize your good skin or worsen your skin condition. After random visits to facial centers or people who do facials keeps telling me that my skin is dehydrated which leaves me confused as I know I have oily/combination skin. Soon, I found out that it is possible for oily skinned girls to have dehydrated skin as well. Dehydrated, not dry and I found a really interesting article that depicts my skin type very well here

I used the skincare according to the steps below : 
  1. Echisse Total Essential Lotion 
  2. Echisse Total Essential Moisturizer  
  3. Echisse Total Essential Intense Nourishing Mask
Please note that results and time may vary from individuals.
My skin type is oily/combination and dehydrated, I suffer from occasional breakouts/pimples, dark spots, blackheads, whiteheads, pimple scars (from pinching, self-extraction etc) and big open pores around my cheeks. In addition to that if I were to not apply anything on my face, it becomes super oily within an hour or two. 

DURING (7 days) : 
While using all three products, I did not change my diet nor lifestyle which needs revamping (guilty). Come on, it is still Chinese New Year! Glorious and scrumptious food ranging from snazzy dinners to the very last cookie. YUMS. In addition, I have to say my water consumption has been quite poor of late and sleeping time - 3am onward. Err.. Not good. All of these factors does contribute to a chuck to the reason behind my poor skin quality - dehydrated and total mayhem. Besides that, I repetitively reminded myself not to 'touch' my face (pimples) may it be self-extraction/scratching/pinching during the process to observe the effect of these products have on my skin. 

I used all three products for 7 days straight which the Echisse Total Essential Intense Nourishing Mask is used every night constructively for 7 days. With Echisse Total Essential Lotion and Echisse Total Essential Moisturizer, I apply them in the morning and night time using two - three pieces of facial cotton for each product and massaged it gently onto my face including my neck. At night, after using the Lotion and Moisturizer I complete it with the Mask. According to Lin, she recommended to use Echisse Total Essential Intense Nourishing Mask as a sleeping mask. Amazing stuff. 

The night before Day 1, I accidentally got too rough with the skin on the left side of my nose as I was trying to squeeze the blackheads out and the skin around the area broke/peeled. The kind where if water or anything touches it, it stings. OUCH. I tried using my favourite face moisturizer Safi Pelembap Muka Seri Gamat to subside the agonizing pain but no avail. So I closed my eyes, crossed my fingers, applied extra Echisse Total Essential Moisturizer on the affected area and went to bed. The next morning, I noticed that the stinging sensation subsided quite an amount and by night time, the broken skin wasn't so painful as before. By Day 2, the stinging sensation and pain from broken skin was completely gone which got me thinking "Interesting.." and I continued using the skincare for the next few days. 

(Note : Never neglect your neck from your skincare regime. It helps lessen/soften the 'lines' and evens out the overall skin tone). 

After using the skincare for 7 days, I noticed that my skin became : 
  • Firmer.
  • Less dehydrated, more plump, looks like I had sleep. 
  • The process of pimples maturing and drying out on their own quicken. 
  • Dark spots slightly faded. 
  • New and old pimples are less red and annoyed. 
  • Enlarged pores lessened.
  • Foundation/BB cream applies much smoother.
  • Less blackheads.
  • Whiteheads.. No new ones, that's for sure. 
  • Oil secretion has lessen.  
Plus, I purposely stopped using the products especially the Mask for three days and nights to observe any possible withdrawal symptoms and I am happy to announce that I did not experience any sudden breakouts, etc. Overall, I dare say my skin is so much better now after using the skincare and I would continue using them as it caters to my skin's needs. 

Today (14 Feb), I decided not to use any products after washing my face to observe whether my face will turn into an oil rig within an hour or two. Here are the results as I type, within the 1 - 2 hours, my skin still felt fresh and not greasy which previously before I started this skincare it would be shiny and oily within the 2nd hour. Approaching 3 - 4 hours later, the cheek area is slightly oily and wee bit shiny and the T-zone area does not have a layer of grease but it is a little shiny. I AM IMPRESSED! 

I would recommend this skincare to :
  • Potential users with dehydrated skin (Irregardless of what skin type you have) 
  • Anyone who is looking to repair/regenerative facial product to clear the scars, skin cells. 
  • Anyone who sleeps or works in an air-conditioning environment. 
  • Anyone who wants to bring back 'balance' to their skin. 
This skincare is available at Silk Apple only and Silk Apple is providing a SPECIAL offer only through their affiliates! 
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  3. Echisse Red Set and BB Holiday Cream
  4. Echisse Red Set and BB Party Cream

Do share your experience with me.

Thank you for reading!

Sarah :)


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