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First Impressions : Vanity Trove's April 2013

Hi girls! 

Welcome back and this time I am 'EARLY'! 
HAH. Take that. 
(That is in posting up my review & nothing else. Lol)

April's Trove is a courtesy of Vanity Trove Malaysia. 
♥ THANK YOU, Vanity Trove! 

Vanity Trove's APRIL Goodies!

Source : Vanity Trove's email updates.

Brand : KATE Cosmetics by Kanebo
Product : Blendzone Eyeshadow Duo in BR2
Retail Price : RM49

Description : 
An eyeshadow palette with 2 shades that can be used individually or mixed, and can be easily blended for a fine gradation. 


First Impression :
Finally, I was literally jumping for joy when I saw this FULL-SIZED item in my box! I love KATE Cosmetics products. Especially this particular eyeshadow which I own one as well but in BK-1. Thank goodness I have received an easy-to-wear, daily kind of shade. Used it once for my part-time work last weekend and boy, I am in love with the brown shade! Not so crazy about the pink shade as its tad too frosty and light for my skintone but it requires extra blending to tone down frosty appearance. If this shade is not your cup of tea, fret not because this baby comes in 8 shades! 

Where to find them : 
At all major Guardian, Watsons & Sasa outlets near you! 
(Shopping mall, lah)

Printed screen & cropped from the site.

Brand : ORIKS 
Product : Gemstone Nano Platinum Aqua Watery Cream
Retail Price : RM398 (50g)

Description :
Developed in France, the Gemstone Nano Platinum Aqua Watery Cream is a moisturiser that smoothens wrinkles, tightens pores and brightens your complexion. It contains more than 90 types of natural minerals to boost skin vitality and protect your skin from harsh environmental stressors. When applied, this hydrating formula locks in plenty of moisture to maintain supple and dewy skin after a long day in the hot summer sun.

First Impression : 
To be updated ;) 


Brand : Perkins
Product : Nail Wrap
Retail Price : RM39.90 (20 Strips)

First Impression :
I received a FULL SIZED nail wrap and to be honest, I have never heard of this brand or such item before. Can't wait to try them!


Brand : Narciso Rodriguez For Her
Product : EDT
Price : ~

Description : 
At the source of for her is the essence of Egyptian Musk—a warm, silky oil, blended with top notes revealing a solar musk refreshed by orange blossoms and osmanthus. In the middle note, the musk moves into a more abstract mood of enveloping, impalpable softness. Here, the musk is luminous but retains its creamy richness in the presence of amberlyn and vanilla. The bottom note unveils the sensorial, voluptuous dimension of musk with vetiver, taking on feminine accents while the sensuality of the wooden notes are magnified.

First Impression : 
I LOVE the scent. Enough said. 


Brand : Clarins
Product : White Plus Total Luminescent Intensive Brightening Serum
Retail Price : RM295 (30ml)

Description :
The most advanced care for a clearer, more even skin with the pink glow of good health and total luminescence.

Ingredients :
Hyaluronic acid and glycerine help to restore the water reserves of the skin to give it more radiance and transparency. Extracts of spergularia and alchemila slow down hyper-pigmentation for a more even and clearer complexion. Extract of ginkgo biloba maintains micro-circulation in the skin to imbue it with the pink glow of good health.

First Impression : 
I am superbly happy at the amount of sachets provided for me to test this product out! Sufficient for two weeks I think. This is the way it should be. (AHEM. >_> )
Will try it out by this week and we shall see the difference!

In a nutshell, this is my second beauty box and all thanks to Vanity Trove Malaysia for providing me this opportunity and experience. It was indeed fun waiting for a box full of surprises :) 
Looking forward to more awesome troves to come!   

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