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Sharing: Markets by Jaya One, 16th Installment!! #markets16


A Markets on weekend where I am free from work! Eh, not really. Still have to work for an hour and a half on Saturday... but no biggie! Currently in the education line, hence my availability is subjected to the school holidays. So I am really, really excited about being able to swing by Markets this weekend!

So book this weekend and bring your friends and family along! Yes, yes - drag the poor boyfriend too. I know I will! But I don't think he would mind because he has his Yo-yo clan meet up every Saturday at The School. Grown men, but will forever be boys at heart. A living proof that there's always something for everyone at Jaya One! Girly stuff for me and toys for le bf. Wait, not forgetting palate-worthy FOOD and therapeutic COFFEE for the both of us.

In all honesty, I have lost count of how many Jaya One's Markets I have been to and it's a good thing because that's a sign that it is GROWING!

As always, Markets found ways to spice up every event with a big help from various of collaborators consisting of engaging brands or companies. At this 16th installment, it's no different. Shopee Malaysia is on board as their main sponsor. So tons of goodies awaits you and your loved ones! Now, you may be thinking - Who or What is Shopee Malaysia?  

On unfamiliar waters you have sailed on, but now its time to dock.

Shopee Malaysia is a fairly new app which can be found on Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Growing as fast as time passes us by, it's an upcoming shopping mobile app that allows you to buy and sell anywhere and anytime. Ah, before you raise that skeptical Malaysian eyebrow at me, be ecstatic to know that the app is FREE. Yes, I will repeat myself. It's FREE. Your favourite word, yes? HEHE.

Yes, the app is free of charge. There's no transaction fee and it's a great way to clear your preloved items so that you can buy more! Just kidding. On a serious note, this app is a great for budding entrepreneurs to kick-start your own business without tons of risk. Go forth, my young Padawans! Spread your wings! FLYYYY. ok, too much sugar.

A normal scene at every Markets. Love the happy bustling and chattering! (when I'm in the mood).
  1. Being an avid online and offline shopper, I would always take this opportunity to 'save' on postage fees and collect my purchases from the vendors. But please do check with your respective vendors to make arrangements if needed. I do love meeting the brain or brains behind the awesome stuff and service! :)
  2. Wear comfortable shoes/slippers. It's really no fun dragging your feet around because there's so much to see and do! 
  3. Allocate sufficient cash. If you don't trust yourself, entrust some of the cash to your sane shopping buddy. Everyone has a sane shopping buddy. If not, time to discover one! 
  4. Bring a clothing measuring tape. You will thank me later. 
  5. Allocate your phone battery life wisely. If not, how to selfie or instagram every d**n thing? But seriously, its for your own safety and for your friend or bf to keep track of you. Yes, I am speaking from experience. HEHE. 
  6. Stay hydrated. DRINK WATER. Coffee, ice-cream, and sodas are NOT water. Yes, you. 
  7. Make a list. Mentally or scribbled on a piece of paper, list down the vendors you really want to visit especially if you have a friend or bf with an embedded 2 hour timer. 
  8. Lastly, make a shopping list. Go stalk the vendors below so that you won't be disappointed. 

Because of I love you darling readers, I have painstakingly listed down the vendors that will be at this coming #markets16. Don't say I don't love you okeh.

Cable TroubleJungle Magic
DoclabCressence Style
Scott's ShaverOldees
Treat ArtPFFT.
9 Joy 8Fashion Stage
ClosetminoA Little Craft
May NineteenGa To Gateau
Summer Eco SoapSherlin Holmes
Jeanie BotanicalAce of Diamonds CLO
Vintage 1988Stylogy Apparels
WearreverBellevon Boutique
27 GladesFoneshark Gadget
Argan Oil by Il PuroSecreto Men
Top To BottomSeven Freesia
CheezymyBluesky Love
Coffee MingleKiss and Tell
Charmous CollectionsThe Doodle Box Lah
No EntreeHaha No Yume
Andy's BBQBroke Bride2Be
Studio SamsaraBrillano Collection
B.Joux1990Sweet n Fabulous Wardrobe
Ana. Le PapetierCrack Pork
Power of WordYume
Korean Fashion HeadbandsSweet 16
ChapChap KissieNoteworthie
Cherrie's BakeBeck's Sweet 16 Closet
Ohana RecipeFireworks
Beads & BeadsDoux Patisserie

PHEW. THAT'S A LONG LIST. *fingers lenguh*

Please note that the list has been compiled in no particular order. Oh, I counted it for you as well. There a total of 60 vendors. SIX-ZERO. ENAM PULUH. (O,O) That's A LOT. Again, I would like to emphasize on THERE'S ALWAYS SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE. 

This #Markets16 will be flooded with vendors of all kinds. From fashion to food. From art to artisans. From babies to beauty products. From gadgets to girly stuff. HANG ON TO YOUR WALLETS, LADIES! On second thought, I don't think it's possible. I've tried and am happy to inform you that I NEVER left any Markets EMPTY HANDED. #shameless 

Besides satisfying the shopping fiend in you, there are mind-blowing street performances, breath-taking activities, and scrumptious food to look forward too at #Markets16! Oh yass, besides shopping I am pretty sure that most of you would make an effort to prep up and #Markets16 has decided to not let those #OOTDs go to waste.   

Regardless if you are a seasoned or a budding fashionista, be happy to know that by just posting your OOTDs during the event you can walk home with a prize worth RM429! Just be sure to hastag your OOTDs with - #theschoolmy and #MarketsOOTD.  

For more info & updates on #Markets16, visit their Facebook page: www.facebook.com/themrkts.

Facebook: JayaOne / TheSchool.MY
Twitter: @JayaOne / @TheSchoolMy
Web: www.jayaone.com.my / www.theschool.my

See you this weekend! Facebook Heart Emoticon
Sarah :)

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