Saturday, 4 May 2013

Mary Kay® One Woman Can™ Beauty Contest

Have you ever given the thought about being on a front cover of a magazine?
To be precise, a cover girl?

Don't hold your thought just there.
Continue imaging going to HONG KONG 
to join the Asia Pacific Regional Finale Contest!

Wait. How is it possible? 

It is made possible by Mary Kay!

Mary Kay is currently organizing 
a “One Woman Can” beauty contest in conjunction with their 50th anniversary. (Happy 50th, MK!) 

This makeover contest allows you girls to bring out the best in you and be given a chance to win 
an all expense paid trip to Hong Kong (are you reading this twice, girl?) to attend the star-studded Asia Pacific Regional Finale Contest where the next cover girl of Mary Kay Asia will be chosen!

How To Join?

Very simple.
Just follow these steps : 

  1. Get a beauty makeover!
    - Place an appointment today with a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant HERE
  2. Flaunt & Share it!
    Upload a 'BEFORE' makeover and 'AFTER' makeover photo of your makeover with a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant.
  3. Spread the Word!
    - Tell your family and friends about this amazing opportunity that should not be missed.
    Shy about it? Don't be! Practice the Nike Sports' slogan, "JUST DO IT!". You only live ONCE ;) 

View all the brave & beautiful ladies who took up the challenge! - Album

This contest ends on the 10th of May 2013 (Friday) at 12pm.

So what are you waiting for? Join now!

For more inquires about the contest, please go to their website :
contact Mary Kay's HQ at 03-7711 7555.

Official website :
Facebook page :

Waste not, anymore time! 
Hurry, book an appointment today.
You will never know you can be that 'ONE WOMAN' they are looking for IF you never try. 

Sarah :) 

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