Sunday, 15 April 2012

[Review] Paul Frank Lip Smacker Original Lip Balm in Cotton Candy

I used to have this in Watermelon flavour which I love the smell :D

The texture is just nice, not too soft like My Lip Stuff Lip Balm which is good but it seeps through your lips/teeth and you can taste the lip balm. Not yummeh! 

Upon applying, it’s not too sticky which is a plus point for me. My lips stay moist for about 3-4 hours without eating/drinking. But will have to reapply after eating. 

It helped reduced the flakes on my chapped lips. I apply this at night before bed and in the morning I'll brush my lips gently with my toothbrush and VIOLA! Smooth & soft lips ready for lipsticks! I always use it alone or with my Revlon/NYX Round Lipsticks/Silkygirl lipsticks.

The scent is an acquired scent and doesn’t really smell like Cotton Candy. It smells more like yogurt strawberries instead, so it’s not overpoweringly sweet. This is a plus point for me. 
I thought I was going to dislike this flavour because it’s called Cotton Candy but it’s okay :)

So don’t let the Cotton Candy fool ya, if you are afraid the scent is overpoweringly sweet. Not many would like the smell but personally, it doesn’t bug me. 

Personally, if compare this scent with Watermelon, I’d go for Watermelon more. Hehe! 
Priced at around RM9.90 – RM12.90. 
It’s super affordable to achieve soft and kissable lips! 

*Sorry, no picture of me wearing the lip balm as I look horrible now due to bad cold. Will update when I am well again. Thank you :) 
* Product was given by Yuberactive for reviewing purposes. This review is based on my personal opinion and not influenced by any parties. 

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