Saturday, 28 January 2012

[REVIEW] MAX FACTOR Liquid Effect Pencil Eye Liner Review for Yuberative

Hi everyone :) 

I received a MAX FACTOR Liquid Effect Pencil Eye Liner in Green Glow from Yuberactive. Not what I expected but it’s all good. When it arrived I got so excited and tried it on immediately for my date the very next day plus by coincidence I had a new pair of earrings of the same colour! All the more there was something to match with ;) 

About the product, the pencil looks sturdy and its length is just right as it’s not too long where it has a tendency for the lead inside to break if one were to drop it by accident. The texture is really smooth as it glides on effortlessly.  But it’s too soft as the first time I tried it on, the lead broke. 

The pigmentation is excellent as the green was really bold for its colour and it doesn’t look weird. They provided a smudging tip as well but personally, I find the smudging tip useless as its texture is hard and rubbery which pulled my skin painfully and downright flat not friendly at all. Not like my Pupa eyeliners’ smudging tip which is soft and gentle to the skin.

First I started off with Silkygirl Duo Eye shadow in 03 Wild Fantasy as the green somehow matches (another reason for me to use that eyeshadow! xP). Used it as my base and I tried colouring the eyeliner at the outer corners of my eyes to give an intense look which it did but I found out that this eyeliner won’t work well on a powder base as it will turn out cakey. Hence I am unable to blend it well, I manage too with their smudging tip but it took a while and it hurts.

The colour intensified but it was slightly cakey. Then I tried on my lower lash line and to my dismay, the eyeliner didn’t show up. Such a shame as this colour could replace the normal white eyeliner to perk up tired looking eyes/making it look bigger for a funky day out.  

Its overall goodness is being smudge-proof, sweat-proof, and water-proof and has excellent staying power on my upper lids only. The downside of it is it can’t create a smokey eye effect, can’t work the lower water line of the eye. 

It will be great for girls who are looking for a clean lined eye for work and casual outings. 

                                   without flash                                                         with flash

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