Thursday, 6 September 2012

Review : Elite Paris Fantastic Primer is FANTASTIC!

Hello dudes & dudettes! :)
As you can see from the first picture above, today's post is about this little awesome thing where anyone with oily/combination skin can JUMP FOR JOY!

Yep, no kidding.
this post is not for faint hearts.

Moving on!
Below is my face.. bare.. without.. huhuuhu.. Make up.. ~(T^T)~ 
*My skin has not been at its best lately. Very bad. Probably my insides are all screwy because of the opt.

**Pictures in this post has not been modified or edited except some slight adjustment to the lighting.

Yes. Here is my beautifully flawed skin.
But heck, I'd like to believe no one is perfect :)
You were already warned!

Left picture, is my face with freshly applied foundation! I used Revlon Colorstay in 200 Nude SPF6. Right picture, I used Skin Food Banana Concealer in #2 to conceal the remaining scars & pimples which the foundation missed. Lastly, I set my foundation & concealer with ELF Mineral Booster in Sheer.
AND... I was in the rush this morning. Which I totally forgot to take my complete look.


Before I start off with the tests, here's what has happened.
I put on my make up at 9am and it was 8pm when I took the AFTER pictures.

                             { OIL BLOTTER CHALLENGE! }
Aim of this test :To see how well does Elite Paris Fantastic Primer controls facial oil secretion.  
Problem : I have very oily skin and if I put on my make up in the morning, most of it would be gone by noon. It wouldn't last till night. To control the excessive oil secretion, I regularly use Clean & Clear Oil Control Film to keep the shine in check. Normal usage, about 2-4 oil blotters depending on weather. 
Left picture, is the oil secretion from my nose after 12 hours Elite Paris Fantastic Primer. 
Right picture, is the oil secretion of my whole face after 12 hours using Elite Paris Fantastic Primer.
BEFORE using Elite Paris Fantastic Primer :
- I usually use about 2-3 facial oil blotters to blot out the shine after 3-4 hours after putting on make up.

WHEN using Elite Paris Fantastic Primer : 
- I used only 1 facial oil blotter to blot out the oil from my whole face after 12 hours.


Left picture, is taken without flash after 12 hours of wear. I still look fresh!
Right picture, is taken with flash after 12 hours of wear to test for SHINY spots! Which there are.. none! :D

Ladies! Please welcome,


Packaging : 
  • Hard plastic front cover and matte glass body. 
  • Sturdy.
  • Compact.
  • Travel friendly.
  • It has a pump which helps to control the amount of product used.
  • Lid closes tightly.
  • 15ml - 0.507 fl.oz
  • Made In Italy
Product :
  • Has a pleasant scent.
  • Smells like fresh face cream/soap.
  • No shimmers or glitters.
  • Satin, semi-matte smooth finish.
Price :
RRP : RM34-ish? Can't remember.
* This item is on discount now.

Place :
Available at all Watsons Outlet in Malaysia.

Summary : 
As I am typing this review, I am still having my make up on. It beat the 12hours mark flat! :D

Personally, I love the scent of this primer! And I was skeptical at first about using primers, especially face primers after browsing through countless of reviews of face primers which caused breakouts, cysts, etc. It sounds scary and my skin is BAD enough already :(

So I decided to take it on its first test run with my one and only Dr. G Brightening Balm SPF30PA++ because the life span of the BB Cream on my face is short. I repeat, short.I am glad to say that it worked well with my BB Cream giving a superbly smooth, almost flawless skin! It felt that I wasn't wearing any BB Cream at all. From here, it worked well as a make up base but I was eager to know how does it fare as a primer? 
Yesterday was the best day to bring this baby for a test drive since I was out from 10am till 7pm and boy, I am blown away. It doesn't claim to last 12 hours but it did! This made me love the product even more :)

Pros :

  • Long-lasting freshness
  • Lightweight feeling
  • Lovely scent
  • Don't have to use so much product. A little goes a long way!
  • Has a pump head - Easy to control the amount of product used.
  • Small, easy to bring around. Travel friendly!
Cons :
  • Can't think of any at the moment.

Would I recommend this to a friend? 
Heck ya!

Will I repurchase it? 
A confident YES.

Well, that's all from me. Hope you find the review useful & please do comment if I forgot to mention something or you would like to know more about the primer.

Thanks for reading !

Sarah :) 

Note :
*This product was bought with my own money and I am not affiliated with the company. The review is based on my personal experience and information provided is accurate at the point of time.


  1. u using primer then bb cream rite?luv ur review!

  2. Hi cikida85,

    Apologies for the late reply! Yea, I used the primer first then my foundation. BB cream works the same as well ;)

    Thank you so much :D

  3. Haha. I thought who is this. =p
    NIce review. Thx Sarah ♥