Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Swatches & Review: Elite Paris Sweet Cheeks Blush in 03 Epice

Hey there! :D

Meet Elite Paris Sweet Cheeks Blush in 03 Epice!
I just got this pretty sturdy blush yesterday from my local pharmacy Watsons and haven't got to try it yet.
Will update this post with a review and maybe a FOTD :)
So all I have now are swatches because the color of this blush is something different and L-O-V-E-L-Y.
Gotta to share it!

Hope you'll enjoy the swatches.

Sole Importer is Watsons!

Elite Blush applied heavily but blended out. 

Elite Blush after 6 hours wear!

Me & my Elite Sweet Cheeks Blush in 03 Epice! Love it! 

Packaging : 
  • Hard plastic front cover and a hard rubber-like body. (Think anti-slip!)
  • Sturdy.
  • Flat but wide. 
  • Easy to open. 
  • Lid closes tightly.
  • Brush... - To be reviewed. Edited 14/8 : Its usable but I'd go for my Ecotools Blush Brush.  
  • 6.3g - 0,222oz
  • Made In Italy
Product :
  • Satin, almost matte finish (YIPPIE for oily skinned girls like me!) 
  • No shimmers or giltters
  • No prominent scent. Smells like powder? 
Price :
RRP : RM34-ish? Can't remember.
* This item is on discount now at RM32.31.

Place :
Available at all Watsons Outlet in Malaysia.

Summary : 
I wore this blush last Saturday to Times Square to help vote for my lil' sister's designed outfit for Diesel. Had it on at 6pm and it was still visible at 11pm when I got back home. To be honest, I was amused because my skin is naturally OILY (Think of a frying pan!). As you can see from the pictures, I have a pimple prone skin which is a pain in the a**.

The texture is slightly chalky but it doesn't affect the pigmentation. Based on my pictures above, the blush was swatched twice to obtain an acceptable amount of color that can be seen on photos. What I like best about this blush is the formula. It's matte. WOOT! PLUS POINT. Shimmery blushes tend to make me shine more obviously & I don't fancy shimmer much as I personally like wearable textures for daytime.

In a nutshell, this is one of my favourite blushers I own :)

Would I recommend this to a friend? 
Heck ya!

Will I repurchase it? 
A confident YES.

Well, that's all from me. Hope you find the review useful & please do comment if I forgot to mention something or you would like to know more about the blusher.

Thanks for reading !

Sarah :) 

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